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The Feminine Awakening is in layers


My own journey into womb healing was instigated by a message from Mary Magdalene asking me to book a train to Glastonbury to London the next day.

I quickly found a train & thankfully found a place to stay.  Not knowing exactly what this journey would hold but feeling the deep soul calling to take action & go.

That weekend was a deep initiation on the sacred land of Glastonbury where I was called to reconnect myself to the cosmic womb & the womb of mother Gaia.

I was guided to complete activations by Lady Avalon & Mary Magdalen.  This took me through the Abbey, connecting with trees & opening portals.  Climbing the Tor.  Visiting a graveyard & even finding myself half way around the the side of a hill to find what is known as the egg stone (without directions & just keeping asking the angels for help).  I found a flock of land guardian sheep gathered with me & it was them who actually helped me see the small hidden ledge hiding the stone!

It was certainly an adventure.  Yet it had only just begun.

I would then work deeply at clearing all pathways of abuse I was holding from my ancestral lineage in my womb.  Finding as a sensitive soul I was carrying my own mothers rape trauma from when I was 8 years old!  I was processing my mothers trauma & many lines back.  So I broke the chain.  We’re not here to be human vacuum cleaners.

I was shown how our galactic lives have impacted our wombs, as they were used like batteries.  Harvesting, incubating & taking our power.

I went deep into my time as an initiate in the Ancient Egyptian Isis cult.  It was through this deep work that my soul downloaded & activated so much knowledge, gifts of the sacred sexuality rites & high magick they performed.  Which is what I use in my life now.

They were energy masters & I realise even from my first sexual experiences & finding I was multi orgasmic at age 17.  The priestess lineage was always part of my life & soul.

Sex, my body & who I shared it with even from the age of a teenager was sacred.  I always had a knowing of a deeper connection to the divine through form yet at that age hasn’t connected the dots.

I held the wounds of dark sisterhood & patriarchal sex slavery from the fall of the temples.  Something many are unaware keeps their womb & pleasure centres locked.

Once I embodied my own transformation & that of the land & structures (taking down dark womb grids).  It was time to share thy e magick.

As I’m unpacking my new home I discovered a newspaper article from a couple of years ago where a journalist interviewed me about womb healing & the program I offered at the time.

2021 is year of Feminine Awakening & this is but part of the puzzle for women! Freedom is near!

As many of you know throughout 2021 I am working with women to anchor a new Wealth template (bye bye money b/s & lack vibes) & recalibrate the powerful creation energy that many are blocked from experiencing.

Allowing life to be a beautiful, sensory, pleasurable dance.  Allowing women to release the shame, guilt & trauma that locks their heart, womb & p*ssy!  Making them powerful magickal manifesting priestesses once more!

If you can’t allow yourself to feel pleasure or worship your own divine Temple.  It’s often a big red flag that connects to not being able to receive!  Including money!

Join the Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur group where I will be sharing more…

Allera xx

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