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The Father Wound


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

You might be seeing & sensing this inside of you & in the reality around.

As the patriarchal grids dismantle & more hidden shadows or imbalanced control become visible.

It’s triggering the father wound!  The key to the deeper healing & reconciliation with not only your own childhood patterns but your relationship with yourself.  An access back to wholeness & integration of your own masculine energy.

An interesting piece is illuminated if you are ready…

The false religion fields which are connected deeply with the patriarchal control grids (hint any belief system that either wrote out, sanitised (only purity accepted), distorted or fractured the feminine energy) are also dismantling.

The deeper gift on the other side of this trigger if you are ready to look further inwards!

That rage, grief, fear & disappointment & perhaps even people pleaser / good girl wanting to be picked- worthiness outside of self! Not only connects to your daddy.

It’s all projected to the sky daddy!  Yep the father wounds reflect your inner strife with god!

The let down & anger.  The confusion & blame!  All of it.  All the mixed stories you created inherited.  They become blocks!

To what?…

Your ability to allow full connection to source & soul which is also infinite abundance field!

This is the healing back to wholeness!

We block what we fear, hold grudges & wounds around!  So it’s coming up to be looked at far deeper!

Yesterday a new person to my community reached out and joined my Soul Architect Series: Healing the masculine ancestral line

I am by the coast this week & on Monday held the week 2 session healing all of the above from the hotel!

Then discovered all my zoom settings reset as I’m at a new IP location!  So at the end of the ceremony I realised!

Annoying but I accept its divinely perfect as it was.  There’s always a greater reason.

This morning my teams said there’s more to benefit from this work.

Invite them!

So I am!  If you would like to join us you can step in & spirit has plans for you!

Nothing happens without reason!

Our next ceremony is Mon 18th so plenty of time to receive the remote healing upgrade in ‘The Chamber’ & the previous weeks ceremonies!

I will also bring through the transmission for week 2 (no one misses out)!

Investment for self: £1111 pay in full or DM for payment plan.

Allera x

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