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The Divine Soul Blueprint (the map and plan for this lifetime)


If you can imagine the soul wants to be able to create and experience itself in all manner of forms during each incarnation.  A bit like having a map of your life in front of you (Divine Soul Blueprint) and you apply specific timelines, experiences and junction points throughout this plan so that you can achieve all of the things you would like to.

It will also include the details of your Divine soul contract, which will be your agreement to carry out a particular action, task, purpose and this is marked along the timeline as your Divine Timing.  It includes dates of when and if you will meet your Twin Flame in this lifetime.

For all souls there will be a number of things included in this plan.

Life lessons
Here are some common life lessons: Bliss, joy, fulfilment, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, power, trust.

Here are examples of virtues: Sincerity, tact, self-discipline, love, justice, tolerance, patience, playfulness.

Mastering the universal laws
Examples of universal laws.  Law of time, law of truth, law of attraction, law of cause and effect (karma), law of justice, law of magnetism, law of light and many more. To be able to master a universal law you must have first mastered the applicable virtues.

Once soul masters a universal law it allows it to be able to start to master the different dimensional levels/and or spiritual planes that law governs.  This was the way the soul would plan to expand their consciousness (reach higher levels of consciousness) to different planes and would be mapped out as part of their ascension.

In the old way as souls we were expected to master the energy of one plane/dimensional level at a time.  This meant going through many initiations to be able to learn as it caused a spiritual/mental shift each time.  We now have the ability to access the wisdom and knowledge of all of the planes.  This means we can use the attributes of each plane as needed.

An example of this from a healing perspective.  This means I am using the different energies related to each of the planes.

I could choose to give someone a body massage.  Our physical body is based in the 3rd plane.

I can choose to access the 4th plane (astral/spirit plane)and could call upon an ancestor to help facilitate a healing.  Much in the same way a shaman would.  If you are astrally travelling at night this is the plane you are visiting.

I can choose to access the 5th plane (semi divine brings, ascended masters like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Archangels) and can channel angelic reiki for a healing.

I can choose to access the 7th plane (creator of all that is) and ask for a healing of unconditional love through the energies of that plane.

The 7th plane utilises the all of the energies of the other planes without being bound to the conditions of those planes and the energy exchanges.  Throughout the Twin Flame Healing Program I will reference connecting to the 7th plane (source) for the healings.

To be able to learn all of these things we will need some help.  The best way to learn in this earthy plane is through the assistance of other soul teachers.  Through our interactions with them and becoming conscious of our reactions we are able to use these experiences to better explore and know ourselves at a deeper level.  These souls will show us where we need to heal by triggering the wound within us.

Soul contracts
For us to map out our plan with the right assistance we will form soul contracts with many souls to act as soul teachers.  For example if you want to learn the lesson of forgiveness then first we must contract with a soul to best teach us this.  Which means they must do something to hurt us in most cases so that we learn from the experience that we must forgive ourselves and them to release the pain that we feel from the event.  Thus completing the soul contract for both souls and releasing us both from needing to keep learning the same lesson of forgiveness.  Allowing us to move forwards.

Outdated soul contracts

Many of us have soul contracts that are no longer in our highest and best good meaning they are a block to Twin Flame union and they are out of alignment with the Divine Soul blueprint.  Examples are outdated soulmate contracts, healing contracts, protection contracts.  If you have had lifetimes where there were power imbalances like a life time with concubines, handmaidens or as a slave master for example there will be contracts still tying you to those souls.  This means in present day you will have these same players popping up.  All of this is no longer in alignment with the Divine soul blueprint so these contracts can all be cleared.  This is why it’s important to always ask yourself when a new person comes into your life.  What am I learning from this experience and does this take me away from carrying out my Divine Timing (life purpose).  As Twin Flames have so much karmic baggage to clear a lot of the people coming in and causing interference are due to outdated soul contracts.

Karmic entanglement/karmic ties/karmic entrapment

In many cases neither party learnt the lessons.  Instead they become knotted in the pain, regret, resentment and guilt due to their interactions and in turn caused more acts of pain.  This cycle caused negative karma (cause and effect) to be applied to each soul.  Meaning they would continue to repeat the same lessons lifetime after lifetime till they could close out and complete the lessons.  If you can imagine how many lifetimes you have had and how many souls have been involved.  There are a lot of outstanding lessons affecting all souls presently.  It also means each soul becomes karmically bound to the other keeping them in this cycle.

Karmic Triads

In many situations if there has been a lot of trauma, un-forgiveness, hatred and even acts to block someone’s free will (like using any form of magic against someone).  This causes a bind which essentially creates a triad situation for Twin Flames.  Essentially you are the same soul.  If one is bound to another soul then the other Twin Flame will also be affected.  This is a key theme in situations where one of the parties will not allow the other to release themselves or move on.  It is very common for the karmic soulmate and both Twin Flames to be in a triad scenario causing blocks and repeated lifetimes trying to free themselves from each other.

Unjustified karma

If you hold the energies of blame, shame or guilt about any of your actions in an event that was not truly your fault.  You end up with what is called unjustified karma.  This is why in this lifetime its particularly important to learn to forgive yourself and others when needed to release you both.  Otherwise you become tied to other souls due to unjustified karma.  Which again causes a loop to occur throughout lifetimes.  It’s therefore important to look at beliefs around self-worth, any victim consciousness and also any self-sacrifice/ people pleasing behaviours.  As ultimately you are just adding to your own Karmic load.  This is cleared throughout the Twin Flame Healing Program.


These energetic agreements made consciously or unconsciously made between souls and until revoked are deemed for eternity.  This is why you will find that if in a past lifetime you took a vow of poverty.  This will remain and you will either self-sabotage earning over a certain amount of money or you will find that you are in constant cycles of being unable to support yourself financially.  Marriage vows are also for eternity till revoked.  During my awakening I found I still had active marriage vows with most of the guys I knew including work colleague!  Which will cause a block to Twin Flame reunion or even attracting a partner for marriage as on some level I was already taken!  All of these any many more are cleared in the Twin Flame Healing program.

Promises, agreements and obligations

Learning the power of our word.  Everything you say and think has an energetic resonance.  If you verbally make a promise to someone it is also energetically binding between the souls.  So in many instances we have been lapse and made promises we either couldn’t keep or which now seriously hamper our ability to live fulfilled lives.  These can also be cleared where appropriate and where there is no longer a lesson or requirement for them to be active.

Each of the different spiritual planes (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) have different conditions, rules, laws, commitments, vows, oaths and beliefs attached to them.  Each plane essentially holds their own illusions as well.  Which by expanding your consciousness and removing any agreements/contracts/vows etc binding you to a certain spiritual plane allows you to grow and get to the next stage of your map for this lifetimes experience.  I will cover more on these in detail in another post.

In previous lifetimes our ancestors could not spiritually grow as fast as we are today.  Twin Flame awakening and the awakening of many people on the planet is bringing us to integrate our multi-dimensional selves.  This means as a soul we can connect and have awareness of the different spiritual planes through our conscious awareness.  This wasn’t possible for our ancestors and in many cases we made agreements with them not to grow in the way we are wanting to in this lifetime and this includes uniting with your Twin Flame.  Throughout the Twin Flame healing program I include clearings and negative belief removals that limit you by holding you to the different spiritual planes and also any agreements made with ancestors or any soul to block ascension and union.

Essentially any agreement that is out of alignment with the Divine Soul Blueprint plan (which includes your Twin Flame reunion) can be removed and cleared.


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