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The dance with dysfunction – Pt 1


Are you ready to step away from the dance of dysfunction?  Making a choice to live a different way?  Choosing to live a life that’s true to yourself more than remain in a relationship filled with delusion, codependency, blame and projection?

Listen to this track- It’s the complete summary if the Twin Flame dysfunctional dance!  Take time out to listen to the words. My guides showed me this and its part of a healing technique I will share.

On Sunday I was suddenly overcome with emotion and tears, though these weren’t mine.  I tuned in and found that amongst the collective there’s many who are struggling to let go of the negative dysfunction in their Twin Flame connection.  I felt the pain of not only staying in an unfulfilling situation, suppressing their souls strong need to expand and grow but also being held there.

In staying in these situations they are also stopping their counterpart from awakening!! Yes, you read that correctly.  They are holding on tight hoping one day he/she wakes up and things will change but actually in not letting go they never allow the full activation to occur in their counterpart.  By stepping into your power, accepting its not working and moving on with purpose, self love and a drive to create a life of purpose without waiting for someone else.  You not only face your own fears of playing a bigger role in the world and being seen.  It also acts as an awakening catalyst for the remaining Twin Flame to start to feel the pain they’ve been avoiding and look inside at what happened.

Often it’s through lots of projection and blame against their counterpart, making them the bad guy until the ego cracks and they have to swallow the hard pill that shows them they are really the root cause of their unhappy reality!  It allows them to feel the illusion of separation and it activates the core wounding.

Interesting isn’t it, how someone doesn’t respect what they have till they’ve lost it.  It’s during this whole experience they are often plunged into Dark night of the soul and their unraveling begins.  It’s where they learn so many often rapid lessons as their soul tries to get them to catch up with their counterpart who has moved on, drawn a line and shut the door on them.  Out in the cold they have to learn to love themselves without the constant supply of a counterpart who offered him or herself as a sacrificial energy life raft.

Everything that is meant to be in our lives will return.  This means that those who may not be in alignment with us now may be given another window down the line if our souls choose and we can both hold the higher vibration of living a life where we are embodying more of our higher self.  It’s like stages and we are constantly expanding on this journey.  I know that whatever gets in the way of my life purpose will be removed and that is what I accept is in my highest and best good.  We ultimately want to be surrounded by people who help us become the best versions of ourselves.  Through separation we are given the opportunity to fine tune exactly what the best version of us really is.

Read what letting go really means:

I’m being guided to share with you a bounce back quick guide from heartbreak and also how it might not be quite what it seems!  This method helped me unravel a huge emotional turmoil in 3 days after which I completely had no feelings of heartache just peace remained!  Now I can do this in a day or at a push an evening.  I am committed not to allow my vibration to drop.  If I allow myself to go into despair I will be manifesting from that place.  If I take the soul perspective on whatever has happened I am free, more detached and can feel empowered as an act of self love to heal myself on all levels to release the trauma and trapped emotions.  We are after all just peeling the energetic onion of self.

In preparation you will need the following:

  • Raw cacao powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and agave nectar (all available in health food stores/Sainsbury’s)
  • Sage for smudging (order on Amazon)
  • Pen and plenty of paper.
  • Access to Spotify- I channeled a playlist which I will share in a follow up post.Twin Flame Healing Program
    • Dark night of the soul MP3
    • Forgiveness MP3
    • Past life road blocks MP3
    • Blocks to soul love MP3

This process works and fast.  Before Christmas I was told by my higher self to start dancing again.  I now use Ecstatic dance as a regular part of my manifesting tool kit!  On average everything I have asked for using this method happened within 2-4 days afterwards.

Remember to make space for your hearts desires you have to release that which no longer serves you!  Are you really ready to receive what you want?

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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