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The ancestral healing echo & your money situation


??Ancestral Clearing is just the tip of the iceberg??

Which is why I recognise a lot of the looping patterns of illness, relationship issues, miscarriage & all things money/wealth/abundance & often fulfilling our soul purposes. ? ?

Not only have the ancestral chains pulling us back but also we’re often contacted at soul level to be processing particular pieces for the monadic group & oversoul!  ⛓

As souls we have a primary and secondary soul group of origination (often more connections across others too).  Where we have had a lot of incarnations with those groups so have an overlay and will be connected into the clearing themes for those multiple groups too! ⚡️

So can you see how the poverty, struggle & suffering imprints and the agreements to keep experiencing them is compounded through many layers.  Creating more trauma, illusion & fear!?

It runs deep!?

Which is why the way I work is do rapid as I literally clear to this level and beyond in every Mastermind, Immersion & 121 coaching session! ?

I’m running The Soul Architect Series- The Money Identity Shift Mastermind?

?Thursday 27th August 6:30-8:30pm GMT/London via zoom

?Then an integration Q&A session via zoom on Friday 28th August 5:30-6:30pm

?You also get access to a Private FB Mastermind Group

Where we will shift this all so you can release yourself from your current money identity & recode yourself for the next money upgrade!⚡️

Spaces are limited!  Secure your spot here!❤️

Allera xx


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