Testimonials - Pure Light 1111


E.R Sweden 

This was absolutely extraordinary and also exactly what I needed at this time to get unstuck and become more empowered.


Allera is on point, thorough, incredibly effective and she will not leave any things important lingering, instead she packs as much healing and clearing into each session that it is astounding how much she can fill into one.  Definitely worth more than gold.


It was actually life saving, bringing back my lifeforce energy and removing anything that has been making me sick.

I am not new to energy healing and as a person also going through this mindblowing journey as a twinsoul I have reached out previously to healers for assistance.


Allera is by far the most efficient, clear, safe, caring, trustworthy & high vibration healer I have come across.


I have also used her Online TwinFlame Healing program since May this year.  This program is also by far the most thorough and helpful in my opinion i.e. the very best available and I have tried quite a lot!  The program is like an extended version of what I described Allera to be. In there is all you would think you need and plenty more.

If you like me have been broken, are struggling, or perhaps you are barely getting by, here is your hope, here is a way!


To be discerning and to trust when you have gone through some dark, evil or nasty experiences before is not easy but I can assure you this woman is a soulsaver and a blessing to me, I cannot thank her enough!

I.S Spain

I realised I needed Allera’s help after she highlighted a repeated pattern of seeking unavailable men to rescue me from my current situation of living with my alcoholic father.  She showed me where I was seeking validation & love outside of myself in the hope of escaping my situation rather than taking the action to change my own life.


I realised I was done with this pattern & playing a victim.  We looked at the root traumas causing me to feel trapped and bound to my father & seeking men who could never love me.  Many past lives and childhood woundings with both my parents came up for healing & I felt such peace afterwards.  Each time a bit stronger and able to see more clearly.


We set goals for me to change my life, reclaim my space & independence without feeling like I had to look after an addict,  which was destroying me as I am highly sensitive.


I can now see my path ahead & creating a new life in a different town next year.  I feel completely different after only 6 weeks of work with Allera.




U.S (Asia)

Working with Allera completely transformed my life. I was able to find the courage to ask my wife for a divorce. Something I had put off for many years. This was a huge step as I was breaking the cultural norm & my conditioning. Allera & I worked on many beliefs & fears surrounding this.

I set up 2 businesses to provide the ability to financially support myself outside of the family business. Creating the financial independence I needed to build a new life.

I also completed Allera’s VIP money mindset coaching to release blocks to abundance. This is resulting in an estimated revenue of £2mm in my new businesses in the first 6 months of trading!

Through my work with Allera I was able to see where I had created a pattern of allowing others to take advantage of me around money…including my Twin Flame. Allera taught me how to set healthy verbal & energetic boundaries & pulling back my resources including my time.

Overall Allera is an excellent healer on both personal & business matters. I highly recommend her as a coach.

L.Z (Australia)

For those considering the coaching program, I highly recommend it if you need that extra help along your journey or if you are still experiencing difficulties after having completed the twin flame program.

For me, I was having problems with my business venture and went into a very intense dark night of the soul beforehand.

Through the coaching program, Allera was able to show me where my business was out of alignment and through some soul work and guidance she provided the stepping stones I needed to get back on track towards my divine timing.

I definitely gained a stronger sense of confidence, clarity and empowerment. If I was to experience some issues further along my journey I would not hesitate to do it again.


Allera makes me feel safe. She has the power to protect and is a natural healer.


I trust everything she says to me and I know she could feel my inner pain and discomfort.


Since she completed my property/soul clearing I feel more focused in life. She fixed a complex issue and I am now more goals driven and I have more energy.  I also seem to attract good people into my life again.


Allera is worth every investment I made on her programs. I recommend her to anyone at any stage in life as we need such a connection to help us overcome the blocks we face.


The online programme is amazing. Allera empowers you by giving you these amazing tools, so you can do this on your own.


I’m using the energy clearing meditation daily and it has given me a really strong understanding and foundation.


I’m feeling so much more positive and empowered, and whenever I feel something is off, I repeat the necessary meditations.


It also works out such good value for the depth it goes in to and the amount of times you can reuse.


One session with Allera was life changing for me and this course, helps me stay aligned to my highest good.


I’d recommend to anyone.

I have worked with Allera for 7 months. It started as a twin Flame coaching where I discovered or rather unveiled through my awakening what I knew I was supposed to do but did not have the tools or ways to do it.  I found my purpose.


It led me to be strictly vegan which helped me heal, take care of myself and eventually love my self more fully.  I also started energy clearing twice a day which helped me start my day in an effective and positive way and end my day with a peaceful sleep!


I am now in a position to use various tools to raise my vibration whenever I get into a low vibration and am able to view Past lives in a very effective way when I need to get to the root of a pattern in my life.


Being a muslim and from south Asia I had a lot of religious and cultural beliefs which were holding me from my healing and awakening.  Allera understood that she is not overstepping in any way to undermine the religion and was able to guide me in the awakening which is not an easy task.


I thankful for the support, guidance & knowledge coaching with Allera gave me.

Good morning Allera!

I was going to send you an email regarding one of your previous posts/blogs on “being done”. At the time of reading it all made sense and I must admit I thought I was done. However, a couple of days ago I experienced a loop pattern and realised I mustn’t have been ready to have let go of it all especially with my karmic soulmate and my employer. So I made a decision and said to myself, “you know what? I’m done with all this! Enough!” From that moment on I felt amazing!


So I was looking to do one of your healings about this but I decided to do your healing transmission in the meantime. This was an incredibly powerful healing experience! I was crying profusely and silently screaming as I was releasing all this trauma. I feel so much lighter now it’s amazing.


So, I thank you soooooo  much Allera for offering this. You truly are a beacon of light for all of us!

Thank you!! Xx


Mary C

I’ve been on this life changing journey for a few years now and since working with Allera’s program,  I’ve seen the most progress with her program and clearing sessions. There’s a lot of work that we need to do for ourselves on this journey but there comes a point in time when we need the expertise and helpful skills from someone else.

I found her healing session intensive,  accurate and it covered quite a bit for energy work.  Energy work I don’t know how to do for myself.    She really is a spiritual psychic surgeon, precise and to the point.  She helped me see where right now what would be the most beneficial direction that I need to go in.

I highly recommend her work and her program.


In just the short time I’ve been working with your Twin Flame healing program, my twin Josh has contacted me and literally the first thing he texted me was,

“Where are you, I’m back, I’m there, I’m unknowing and willfull.”

Like the heavens have given us a clean start. I’ve never felt so hopeful in our whole journey as I do now.

I’m contacting you to sincerely thank you for the beautiful and soul helpful program you have put together and I thank God for leading me to you when I needed it most.


I am a Divine Masculine Twin Flame who awakened in 2013. Towards the end of 2017 I was at a critical point in my journey where I felt like I needed some outside assistance.

Before going to sleep one night I asked my spiritual team for guidance at this critical fork in the road. In the morning I woke up with the song “A Little Help From My Friends” as a sign that help was indeed on the way. I began reaching out to various healers but due to my unique situation they either said they could not assist me or they reluctantly agreed to help which did not inspire much confidence.

However, after contacting Allera at PureLight1111 she responded back immediately letting me know she was the right person for the job. And that has proven to be true. I have done several 121 sessions with her in addition to working my way through the TF Healing Program.

What I really appreciate most about Allera is that she does not tell me what I want to hear. She gives me “tough love” and valuable guidance when I need it the most. I have already recommended her services to several of my Light Worker friends.

She has a tremendous amount of experience in her own personal journey that is extremely valuable. Since working with her I have seen several improvements in my TF connection and my growth as an individual. The most important lessons Allera drilled home for me are Self Love & Surrender. Thanks to her I have finally been able to clear those hurdles and start healing all the needed areas in order to be in alignment with my Soul Contract and Divine Timing.

Thank you Allera!!!


My name is Danielle and I just wanted to e-mail you in regards to your blog. It truly speaks to me. Everything you write is spot on for me.

I met my Twin Flame four years ago and we were both still married. It was not planned and it was and still is the most amazing connection I have ever come across.

I have been using your tools and they are incredible. Thank you! Every week I watch how everything is unfolding. This journey is a blessing and I am grateful to be part of it.

Thank you again and I look forward to reading more of your writings.


Dulanga (London)

OMG, So I did the forgiveness meditation this morning and it was just so crazy! I cleared so much crap that I had held onto from my 20’s when I was numbing myself with food and alcohol and when I was surrounded by people who were sucking my energy.

It was so amazing! I felt my whole body go numb and then vibrate! I felt so much liberation instantly and my whole body was tingling and vibrating. It was pretty spectacular, so powerful!

I want to say thank you for the Twin Flame Healing program. It’s amazing!


Just wanted to thank you for your manifestation meditation. It has truly empowered me with hope now I know what is blocking me (belief it won’t happen and self love). I feel inspired and confident knowing i can break through these obstacles with the meditations you offer.

Your regular posts on FB have been a wonderful guide also. It has enabled me to view issues from a different perspective that I may have overlooked otherwise. You are a great mentor.

Thank you and much love

Angela, Australia

Having a Soul Realignment session with Allera has been life changing.


Focusing on a challenge I was having within myself, I am now able to create healthy boundaries with others, trust my intuition and honour & love myself with daily self care practices which I use from Allera’s amazing Twin Flame Healing Program.


I am very grateful for all the support and guidance that Allera continually gives me.

Simona, London (UK)

As a therapist, I have learned a great deal from Allera about energy hygiene and I have incorporated her Energy Clearing Meditations into my regular routine.


I feel stronger within myself and I feel more competent to help others. I highly recommend Allera’s services.


I’m about to start her Twin Flame Healing Program and I can’t wait to see how I benefit from it.

Allera helped me break my old patterns around bad eating/drinking habits, events in my childhood which hindered me succeeding in life, handling a break up with my boyfriend and how to cope with the sudden changes life throws at you.

Josh, London (UK)

Soul realignment has helped with social and family aspects, increasing the awareness of my surroundings and to understand others and myself on a more in-depth level.


It was a positive and valuable experience with clear and precise readings. All inherited stigma that is negative to one’s soul has been removed.


I now feel free to embrace life with an increasingly positive outlook.

Dulanga, London (UK)

The difference I noticed with Allera is that she gives you realistic tools you can use every day to build the life you want. She’s extremely dedicated to her craft and genuinely wants to see you succeed.


I have made huge changes in my life in as little as 3 months and have maintained the changes, which I wasn’t able to do before. Working with Allera has positively changed my life and I’m so excited about my journey ahead.

I went to Allera for a general healing session and was blown away by the results. She could peel back so many layers to find the root cause of the issues I was dealing with so I could have a permanent solution rather than temporary relief.


Allera is amazing at looking at the situation from a holistic point of view and her vast knowledge in the field means that you get help from every angle. It’s like having a healer, nutritionist, life coach and psychologist all in one session!

Svetlana, New York (US)

Allera was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She has a natural nurturing ability with which she immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  It is because of this ability that she was able to connect with me on a deeper plane and understood the root cause of my trauma.


Allera has a gift of being able to download and articulate back to you, your feelings and root cause of any trauma or pain you are experiencing.  She helps to guide you to your light without the slightest of ego or self-intent, focussing solely on what is the most beneficial way for you at that particular time.


I am grateful to Allera for the work she has done and continues to do with me.

Sheila, London (UK)

I was slightly apprehensive before the session as I have never done any work like this before, but Allera made me feel comfortable and at ease from the outset.


She was quickly able to identify the events / situations that were causing stress / negative emotion and after working to clear them I felt relaxed, lighter, and found that a number of things that had previously been at sticking points began to finally click into place in the days that followed.


I would fully recommend her.