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Struggling to let go of the old to make room for the new?


Are you struggling to release yourself from an ex lover?  Are you still haunted by a toxic or abusive relationship?  Do you find you leave one narcissistic partner only to find yourself with another, dancing the same dance time and time again?

People may say to you, ”Just get over it!” However it’s never as simple as that!

Letting go of past attachments to ex lovers is part of the ‘cleansing’ process in the Twin Flame journey.  Having the energy of old lovers (past and present life) in your energy field can cause blocks, confusion and disruption when the Twins energy bodies merge.  Distorting the connection between them.

In some cases the same souls blocked the Twins from coming together life time after lifetime.  This pattern continues to disrupt till fully identified and cleared at Soul level (the root)!

It’s also very hard to hold your high vibration when one of the Twins is with multiple different partners or still connected to them.  Part of the reason for this is that every time we have sex with someone we leave soul fragments in their body and they leave theirs in ours!  The more partners we’re doing this with, the more we’re diluting our soul essence.  It can also cause a lot of confusion by holding a variety of different people’s energies as we also open ourselves up to taking on any entities they have at the time we are intimate with them!  This is an energetic exchange after all!

In each lifetime we are trying to heal and reclaim all our lost soul parts.  So when we give away or have our soul fragments taken in each lifetime through sex, trauma or abuse.  Those same souls will keep popping up in our lives as they are back to reclaim something of theirs that we hold or vice versa.

Holding onto soul fragments of ex partners will also show up by the fact you may think about them or dream about them way past the end of the relationship.  Unless cleared there will also be energetic cords still connected between you both.  If the relationship ended badly it’s likely that person will continue to send a stream of negativity through the connection.  This too can cause disruption between the Twins, especially when the sacral chakras connect.  Any negative energy then gets sent back and forth between the Twins!

We also bond through trauma.  This can affect us over many lifetimes if not released.  In the Akashic records it will show as the soul being bound to another soul.  In the case of Twin Flames it shows up as a triad.  Three souls bound together.  In many cases the soul lessons have been learnt and the karma cleared but the binding remains due to unresolved trauma or in some cases the ongoing negativity that one of the souls holds.  In no case is it ever acceptable for a soul to be bound to another.  It’s a full deviation from their divine soul Blueprint, so can always be released.

I have heard people say that they must stay with karmic soulmates.  Again this isn’t true. In many cases it’s a bind that holds them together and their duties have been paid.  This holds up a lot of Twin Flames from moving forward with their lives.

There can also be a number of outdated soulmate contracts, contracts of protection and healing contracts, holding people in unhealthy relationships or hooked into old lovers.  I’ve even found pension contracts, debt bondage slavery contracts and handmaiden contracts in place!  Imagine a lifetime where concubines were part of your life.  Well they would use a vow and promise with their ‘masters’ which bound their souls together.  This was to secure that they would always be financially provided for.  So guess what, in this lifetime it may well be those souls popping back up expecting the contract and commitment to be paid!  A vow is for eternity till cleared.  Which is why it’s also important to revoke all old marriage commitments.  I’ve seen all manner of interesting dynamics being played out.

In some cases our present day lovers have been past life abusers.  This shows up in many cases as an electric attraction as the karmic energy has a very strong pull.  The idea being you will learn your soul lessons this time round.  Unfortunately it’s not always successful.  So after a few lifetimes trying, a lot of negative energy has build up.  Causing repeated karmic imprints and patterns of dysfunction to be played out.  This can act as a taint that blocks future relationships.

At soul level we can hold beliefs that we’re still married to someone even after a divorce.  Interestingly, on a subconscious level, when people have a crush on someone, if this is emotionally intense, it can manifest as a belief that you are married to that person!  Not ideal when you are 40, wanting to find a soulmate and your subconscious still thinks your married to your childhood sweetheart!

If your soul core wound (unworthiness, abandonment, betrayal, lack of trust) is unhealed.  We will act like a magnet to ‘helpers’ who come to press our buttons and show us where it hurts. The push and pull, running and chasing cycles Twin Flames often go through is related to this.  However this isn’t just in relation to lovers.  This wound will play out in every relationship we have in our lives till healed!

I have read people suggest that just cutting the etheric energy cords is the enough to sever these relationship connections.  That hasn’t been my experience.

In the Twin Flame Healing Program I include an extensive energetic separation.  This means sending back all the soul fragments of ex lovers and calling back your own.  I remove the energy of others from your energy field.  Releasing all contracts, vows, commitments, promises. Plus any binds, triads and any karmic entanglements keep you connected.  Clearing all the unjustified karma which is outstanding and completing the soul lessons.  I also remove and heal any outstanding dysfunctional belief programs, illusions, trauma, shock, heartbreak, betrayal, sadness that is still affecting you.

We also heal the core wound at soul level, which can have a huge effect on your relationships.  The same narcissistic, toxic people just won’t be an energetic match anymore.

All of this free’s up you to be open to receiving in a new healthy relationship.  Without all the energetic clutter of the past getting in the way!

If you’re ready to take the next step on your healing journey, check out the program here…

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