Stop playing the good girl card! It doesn’t get you what you want! - Pure Light 1111

Stop playing the good girl card! It doesn’t get you what you want!


Stop waiting like a good girl for permission to own your desires & claim what you actually want! ? ✋

This is nothing to do with anyone else other than you! ?

No one can choose your desires for you! You have to get tapped in within to what turns you on & lights you up! ❤️?❤️

Full on committed, electrifying desire!
Make your mind up & get clear on what you want NOW!?❤️?

Your indecision is actually mixed energy signals in your field.  ?

So you actually create resistance which leads to monkey mind chatter and doubt of what’s possible!?

Yet you make it so complex when it’s not!?

Just get clear and choose what you want!  Make it non negotiable!⚡️

Don’t consider the HOW- not your job at that stage!⚡️

Just CHOOSE & COMMIT that you will elevate past all resistance to receive what you DESIRE!???

Then get ready to listen to the nudges & taking the aligned action (often changes in how you think, feel & your perception along with habits)! ???

If you know that whatever you desire is, it’s already yours.  Then release the struggle & allow the 3d to catch up!  It happens a lot quicker!???

Just get out of your own way! ?

❤️Come and join The Soul Architect Series- The Money Mindset Shift Mastermind on Thursday 27th Aug 6:30pm- 8:30pm GMT/London time!❤️

Let’s release the old program & upgrade your money identity for more abundance! ??

This powerful transmission will be assisted by Queen Nefertiti, Goddess Isis & Hermes Trismegistus!

Allera x

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