Step into Desire, Purpose & Pleasure- today at 4pm London time! - Pure Light 1111

Step into Desire, Purpose & Pleasure- today at 4pm London time!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I’m so excited to assist women in their next transformation through 2021!

For eons we’ve been lied to.  It served in us consciously shutting our own senses, abilities & Magic down.

We have feared the marvel of our own bodies & in doing so broken the connection of creation energy flowing through our bodies to Earth!

Our pleasure is a gift to this planet & one of the most powerful manifestation tools.

Our magick is part of reclaiming our voices & desire.  For without this nothing  will ground into your reality.

Once we reclaim these pieces we start a new wave of frequency on this planet!

Pleasure, Joy & our natural set point of feeling good.  Are all variations of love.

The key frequency needed on this planet at this time & it starts within us before we can see it in our outer societies!

I have a new free gift to share with you all that will start you off to a new layer of feminine awakening as we immerse ourselves in 2021!

Join me in the Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur group today at 4pm London GMT time to discover more!

Click here to join!

Love & blessings

Allera xx



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