The Divine Soul Blueprint Clearing – Awakened Child Program - For Families | Pure Light 1111

The Divine Soul Blueprint Clearing – Awakened Child Program – For Families

This session is specifically for awakened children & their parents. Within this I include those described as highly sensitive, empathetic and psychic children. This clearing can be done for children aged 6 months old and above.

For years many have described these children as star seeds, indigos, crystal or rainbow children.

Within this clearing I access the Akashic records for one child and their parents. I also include a basic property energy clearing within the session.

75 min Skype session where the findings are discussed and the clearing is carried out.
Recording of the Akashic record clearing for you to listen to for seven days following our session.
This includes a basic property clearing within this session.

Living as a sensitive soul- my experience

I myself was a highly sensitive, psychic child who could connect multi dimensionally with other realms and beings just through intention from very early childhood.  I was a natural medium & had a spiritual midwife contract which brought with it the burden of spirits coming to me as a child to communicate and transition them to the light.  This is very common as spirits need an energy source & this is you.  Children hold very high vibration light & this is very attractive to earthbound spirits or entities.

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient & claircognizant.  As well as being a clear channel.  These senses have been honed through many initiations over the years so that they are integrated & grounded into my day to day experience.  This is something that sensitive children will need support in doing to avoid sensory overload & being able to live a joyful life.

With many lifetimes as a shaman & also a high priestess.  I was very energy sensitive & would be aware of lower energies in environments and attached to people.  My old wisdom from these lifetimes meant that I held the ability to transmute these energies through my body but as a child I didn’t have the wisdom or tools to know how to do so. This is something I see happen to many empaths presently as they become human vacuums in their environments without knowing how to stop it.  This will often manifest in illness, physical sickness & behavioural issues.

As a child I was aware of my past lives which came to me in dreams and visions.  I would also be shown future events and tell my family only for those things to manifest. Much to the fear & confusion of those around me.  This is common for awakened children as they are being born with a much thinner veil than previous generations.  By remaining open they have a higher potential to align to their true soul self before taking on the illusions of family, societal & authority programming.

These gifts at time’s can be overwhelming and misunderstood.  Not only for the child but also their families attempting to understand the unique needs of these children.

I have since integrated my gifts & mastered the ability to control my energy field and what can and can’t come into my space.  A soul lesson of energetic boundaries we are all learning in this lifetime.

I started working with a soul group called the Nihal which are comprised of what is regularly known as the Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow children in 2015.  Through my work with those going through Twin Flame awakenings & accelerated spiritual awakenings.  I have gathered a wealth of wisdom, tools and spiritual support that I now offer my clients through my work.

This has led me to take the next step in my life purpose to assist the new awakened children on the planet & also the spirit babies who want to be born.

I work with a lead guide Ashar who is a representative speaker for these souls. Along with the rest of my spiritual support team.  We will work to share wisdom, guidance, healing and support for those who seek it.

The key message is that we must assist these souls in integrating their gifts and managing their energy fields.  In order to do this the focus is not only on the child but it’s the family as a whole including the home.  As this is the collective morphic field the child is most strongly connected to.  By working at a family level energetically we are able to create more awareness and harmony which will assist the children to ground and feel safe.

Pure Light 1111: Awakened Child – Divine Soul Blueprint Clearing

I will look at the presenting issue & identify the blocks at root between the child and parents.  These can be energetic, past life related, life lessons or soul contracts that are playing out that are now causing discord.  This can manifest in many ways from behavioural problems, night terrors, inner feelings of confusion to name a few.

It may also be that you as a parent want to better understand the soul of your child so you can support them on their life path.  This also means learning who you are too at soul level and why this soul has chosen your family for this life experience.

For those noticing their child’s sensitivity or psychic abilities.  I will be able to tune into what is happening & explain to you in a grounded way so you not only understand but know what actions you can take to assist them & your family.  This may also involve starting to heal particular wounding from your own childhood for example that is now being triggered by your child.  They come as soul teachers & this is part of the gift.  Just as much as taking on the initiation of becoming a parent is part of soul growth.

When a soul is born although they will take the physical form of a baby.  However as souls they will have accumulated multiple lifetimes and experiences.  As part of the soul contract to be born into a family there will also have been agreements to take on particular karma or soul lessons often on behalf of ancestors (alive and dead).  Not all of which is in alignment with the Divine soul blueprint.

From my years of working within the Akashic records I often see that most of the adult issues people come to me with after years of suffering are things they have brought through unresolved at birth.  I see a repeated pattern on souls also taking on family vows, karma & obligations that leads them to be bound to the family story of addictions, poverty and limiting belief patterns.

The new souls being born on the planet presently are not wanting to be born into families where they will be taking on this luggage.  It slows them down from aligning their own Divine soul blueprint and the things they care here to do.  They find themselves locked into old outdated looping patterns rather than being able to create and manifest from joy.

Providing a Divine soul Blueprint clearing allows you to clear the energetic soul path for your child.  Not only supporting them to keep their gifts alive but also ensuring they have the right shielding & upgrades spiritual guide team assigned to them from the beginning.

  • Soul group of origin (for parents and child): Each of our soul groups hold a history and energy signature due to their ‘experiences’.  As our soul has connections to this tribe we too hold some of these energies which influence our passions and drives in this lifetime.  I will also check and release any karmic entanglements to negative soul groups which may be blocking the connection.
  • Energy centres (for child): We all have primary and sometimes secondary energy centres which shape our Divine nature and when we live in alignment to these we are able to manifest more easily and experience life flows, as we are utilising our souls strengths. Examples of these are Divine Love, Truth, Creativity and Wisdom.  Having an awareness of our child’s energy centres can help us in nurturing their expression through these.
  • Archangel Realm of origination:  I will identify which Archangel realm your childs soul is aligned to in this incarnation.  This then helps you start to familiarise yourself with this Archangel so you can share further with your child.  Including how they can call on them for help, guidance, protection and support.
  • Crystal of support for your child:  I will identify which crystal would be most supportive for your childs soul at this time and relay guidance on how this should be used.   Awakened children are very sensitive to crystals and the vibrations they hold can be very supportive in particular for grounding and helping them to calm down and sleep easily.
  • Upgrade spirit guide team:  Often we will need to upgrade our spirit guide team as they are running old programs and even keeping old templates and missions in place long after they are they should have been released.  I will include an inner and outer spirit guide circle upgrade within this clearing.  Having the highest Divine order team to assist us helps us greatly on our path.
  • Soul fragment retrieval:  As part of all the Soul clearing I perform this is always included.  This includes release of the related trauma being held and causing repeated loops to occur.  Soul fragmentation can occur from birth trauma.  Medical interventions such as surgery and vaccination experiences can also cause soul fragmentation.
  • Beliefs: I will identify the key limiting belief taken on often through the ancestral line and remove from the Akashic records including any related programs, karmic imprints and illusions that are causing the pattern to perpetuate.  Our beliefs shape our perception of the world, whether it’s safe an abundant or unsupportive and fear filled.  Often these beliefs are passed down through generations.
  • Removal of attached and stalking: negative entities, soul shifting situations, demons, poltergeists, earthbound spirits, spirit wife’s/husbands/marriages, heartbreak spirits and more.  Including the clearance of karmic ties, binds, and any agreements allowing the attachment to continue.  It’s very common for people to have entity attachments however these can affect our thoughts, mood, behaviour and energy levels.  In sensitive children they can invoke a lot of fear and acting out.  So it’s important to be taking care of energy hygiene for your children by removing them.
  • Clearance of vows: Vows of obedience, poverty, perpetual solitude, celibacy, chastity, sacrifice, indentured servitude and more.  It’s also common for souls to take on vows through the family line and past lives.  A vow is for eternity until rescinded, so I clear these within the Akashic records (soul records).
  • Clearance of shells(a soul mask):  This is when a shell (emotional body) of another soul is placed around a person.  This will often happen at birth and is very common as these shell devices are present in hospitals as they belong to spirits who have not transitioned to the light after death.  It is very common for a person to have the soul of another around them as often they were taken on for the purposes of protection however by having one the person will also take on programs, imprints, beliefs, and traumas of the other soul which can cause confusion and for the person to essentially deviate from their own path due to this energy distortion.  I will check for a shell and remove within the session.
  • Clearance of any compassionate connections, Clearance of outdated contracts to heal, protect and financially provide for souls (including in connection to the ancestral line). I often see that souls have taken on agreements with ancestral members that then later block them from carrying out their purpose, marrying who they choose and even having children of their own.   Removal of all related hooks, cords and energetic entanglements which are no longer in alignment with your souls divine blueprint.
  • Clearance of implants/programs/illusions/red fibres/taron a multidimensional level (including chakras, all subtle bodies and at cosmic/planetary levels and beyond).  As we raise our soul vibration it becomes more important to ensure that our higher dimensional aspects are also clear of any interference.  This clearing does just that.
  • Past life clearing. Often the root cause of a trigger or scenario playing out in the present is due to past life or parallel timeline unresolved trauma, beliefs & karma.  Often creating friction & anger as the old wounds are opened & projections between those involved cause more damage through blame, anger & resentment.  I will go to the root timeline of what is playing out so o can share the soul lessons & what occurred then that is repeating itself now as it rises for healing. Once these timelines are cleared the friction disappears & often the dynamic will shift as the karmic energy is transmuted. Often there will be a past life playing out amongst all souls within a family and without conscious awareness each member can find themselves in a looping pattern of playing out the same dance.  By identifying the root of what occurred the timeline can be closed and the energy released which allows for less friction and more calm in the dynamic.
  • Energy clearing. Each session will be completely different.  I bring a wealth of experience & tools which will be used for each specific situation.
  • Basic property clearing: The home is an energetic entity of itself and will absorb the imprints of whatever has happened within it including high emotional states such as illness, death, divorce and fear. It’s important that the home is kept energetically clear as this will hugely help sensitive children feel safe, grounded and calm as they will intuitively pick up on energies of discord.
  • Soul blessing: A blessing from the Archangels, dragons and Goddess ISIS.  Bringing good health, wealth, love, prosperity and abundance.