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Soul Guidance


The question is…are you listening?

When I work with my clients we will unravel that the signs, the ideas, the truth was there all along.  Yet for some they just weren’t ready to ‘see, hear, feel or receive it’.

The doors to new opportunities opened and closed.  New paths arose to create a flicker of hope, a new direction but were overlooked.

Many focus on Divine Timing & interpret this as something to wait for that will happen to you.

Yet you are Divine.  You are a co creator in your life.  A soul here to create and experience life.  To create through choice and free will.  To grow & complete soul lessons for greater soul growth & self mastery.  The universe doesn’t reward the passive.

What if I shared with you that by listening to the whispers of your soul.  Whether they are to lead you towards a spark of passion or to face the wounds you want to suppress and avoid.  Are actually all initiations.  Ones that once passed give you access to what you are dreaming of creating.

What if you changed your perspective to realise as a co creator you can choose how you learn your soul lessons.  Letting go of the old mode of learning through chaos & suffering.  That you can achieve this through your choice to go inwards & heal the deeper pieces that are limiting you.

By doing so you align yourself with the higher version of yourself.  The future version of you who is living the life you are dreaming of.  What if you changed your perspective to recognise that every step you take daily is a step closer to that dream.  It’s also a strong sign to the universe of your intention to become soul aligned.  You know you are on the right path when the opportunities, support and guidance flow into your life with ease.  This is when you are being taught to trust deeper in the process without needing to know the how.

What if your Divine Timing, a period where your soul has agreed to carry out its life purpose is dependant on you passing those initiations, trusting in the process and making the commitment to yourself to step into the higher version of you.  Something no one else can fulfil for you.

We are coming up to the end of the year.  A time for reflection but also the teetering edge of a new year filled with opportunities.  Is 2019 the year you commit to be the higher version of you no matter what that takes?

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Here’s my story…

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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