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Soul, Energy field, Money, Magick upgrade- Immersion!!!!


I am so blessed, thankful, excited & in awe at the soul led adventure I’m going through! 💫

A quantum leap occurred over the past few days since my last update on bringing through my new program! 🌟

I mentioned a week ago the correlation that with each hourly transmission I noticed PayPal notifications popping in my inbox – an influx of energy flow entering my field on top of what I consider normal (which I’m always expanding anyway)!!💰

We last week I experienced my first £12,750 revenue day (not month- A DAY)! – My
month was over £22K! 💰🌟💰

Nothing else changed in what I am doing except my ENERGY VORTEX!💫💫

It’s an opening, an access point & means I have accelerated and cracked through a glass ceiling & layer of consciousness!  If I can create that in a day once I can do it again…it’s already mapped in my holographic matrix! 🌟

I know now to stretch my reality further & expand past this!  Not through greed but through play- I AM A MULTI DIMENSIONAL PRIESTESS! ❤️


This work has activated the embodiment of higher soul essence which I am integrating!

My previous trajectory that I was consciously aware of has completely shifted or should I say – ALIGNED!🌟

This includes my offerings!  I had to create space to step into my next level & this means other pieces of focus won’t be offered or certainly not in the same capacity presently (hint I’ve parked them)!  This means I will no longer be offering my Womb Healing Program (focussing on Womb healing, conscious conception, fertility issues & bringing through the new high vibrational children)!

I am a vessel for my soul to express so I recognise a lot can come through me but I’m doing it on my terms!  That means I will be following my own soul guidance on how I bring through the material & deliver it & also whether I repeat it or not!  This means I may only be running my next 2 immersions once!

You see I thrive on the whole birthing process of the new.  Not on repetition.  I feel like a spiral upwards when in flow! 💫

I’m here to activate & upgrade those who come into my vortex.  Which means as I change, others have an opportunity to do so with me- rapidly.💫

Once something is no longer part of my field I am not feeling called to spend time focussing on it.

Some are happy to repeat the same teachings for years but it’s not part of what lights me up or in alignment with what,  I as a soul, I am part of creating on Earth!

As a poweful co creator I also decide how I express myself, use my time & run my business (which is what I also assist my clients in doing)!  We are after all moving away from the ‘old’ boxes! 👸

To crack on with creating the new Wealth Consciousness template.  I and the women wanting to be part of this powerful movement in consciousness, expansion & embodiment need to be moving swiftly!  💰

A strong message came through me at point of orgasm today – I MANIFEST THROUGH PLEASURE!

The whole experience was a soul download & instruction of HIGH MAGICK & was SO POWERFUL I am going to channel this as part of future material as ALL of our power & ability to tap into the infinite creation fields must once again be reactivated.  I will use the access path I have created so others can utilise!  I walked out of the bedroom and it was like I was in a new timeline once more- I do love my souls magick!❤️

Just being part of my vortex is activating, awakening & upgrading all of those around me.  My soul is wanting pleasure, prosperity & wealth of time, freedom & money to be part of that!  Bringing the coding of the multi dimensional magick I hold are they keys I am to also share.

A galactic pathworker to open the doorways that have been closed to humanity but are gateways to mind blowing possibilities of expansion! (I’m integrating so much of this to translate to those feeling the soul tingles & knowing to join me)!

I want to teach you how to download your soul wisdom so you stop trying to relearn the same stuff you already know!  It’s how I work & I want to give you the keys! 🔥

I’m quite frankly done with the faffing about & want movement & further expansion for us all! 🌹

This will mean trusting in your soul, me as a guide & that this doorway of opportunity is coming to you now for a reason.  Yet may not open again! 💫

We are moving towards another paradigm shifting leap in what is possible for us if we align to it mentally, emotionally, spiritually & most importantly- energetically! 💫

Yet most people are so clogged up & imbalanced on all levels that even if they were aligned energetically to leap into the manifested reality they desire or receive the money- THEY BLOCK IT! 🤯

We have to rapid fire accelerate past all of this.  I really am now past seeing so many women struggle in the same cycles.  🖤

I know your happiness vibration is just as important as carrying out your purpose on this planet.  Holding the upper state frequency set point means the old frequencies & lower plane interference drop away! ❤️

Meaning they are no longer part of your reality – this is quantum magick!  When combined with the soul architecture, radical mindset realignment & some accelerated psychic surgery to give your whole matrix and upgrade!  It’s possible to bypass years of swimming in your own special soup of lack, poverty, abandonment, desperation & money ceilings!💫🔥💫

I will be opening the doors for

The Multi Dimensional Priestess – Soul Architecture Immersion this week!!

This will be a powerful 6 week immersion held every Sunday (10:30am-12noon) GMT/London time.

There will be limited spaces & a private FB group which will be open for the duration of the immersion.

It starts on Sunday 5th July via Zoom!

Each week will have a different focus and you will get live Q&A access time each week in the sessions.

It will cost £2222.💫

I have also connected up with PayPal credit! So you can spread the cost of this gift to yourself!

I’ll be sharing more info & sales page with full details soon!

There’s already 24 people interested in this!  I have all your names & will be reaching out to all 48 hours prior to public launch so you get the first opportunity to join as there are limited spaces in this group immersion!

Drop me an email if you would like more info!

Allera xx

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