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Soul Architect Series: Womb Matrix Healing- Group Intensive sales page

Hey Gorgeous Souls,

The sales page is finally here!

If you have followed me on FB you will see there’s so much powerful energy behind this deep level womb healing.

You see I have been on an initiation deeper than I have been over the years of navigating womb work.

Much of what hasn’t been faced is the connections our lineage connects us into as spiritual bondage.  This includes the Priestess lineages where many of the rites were using women for their sexual energy…direct womb energy harvesting.

It’s this link that showed up & felt like I was being taken over a month ago.  I tracked the energy back to its origin & was shown this is part of ceremonial magick & is something that was being used through Babylon, Egypt & up to present day!

You see periods should not be laced in pain & feeling off balance.  As someone who was diagnosed with endometriosis that I no longer identify as having.  It was through my
Womb healing journey that I reclaimed my
Womb sovereignty.

Regular cycles, no pain & normally no weird energy drains or mood swings.  I could really integrate my womb as part of my vessels magickal toolkit!  A portal of creation.

Which is why to be taken on an immersion over the last month was such a shock & really how I had to uncover further layers.

I don’t subscribe that women need to continue to align, subscribe to & label themselves by the experiences of abuse, patriarchal rule & detachment from our inner wisdom

Part of reclaiming sovereignty is to not just do the work to break the chains but it’s also to re-craft the story & narrative

No more identifying with the trauma and believing it’s you

It’s not- you came here to re-write the script for yourself, lineage & all women to come

Are you ready to join us?

We start Mon 23rd Aug (7:30pm London/GMT time).

Session 2 is on Weds 25th Aug (7:30pm London/GMT time)

I’ll then be going live in the Private FB group on Fri 27th Aug to channel group energies to assist with integration

Investment is £444 (PayPal credit available)!

Link here:

Allera xx

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