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Soul Archetypes: Divine Masculine and Feminine


Big tip for us all…stop putting people in boxes!

There’s a lot written about what the Divine Masculine and feminine is at the moment!

Much of which is effectively just another outdated illusion program we’re imprinting on consciously awakened men and women.  Except instead of the old patriarchy programs, this new range of distortion is from the new age/spiritual community.

How many posts have you seen where Divine masculine is portrayed as a buff, bare chested, dreadlocked guy whilst his divine feminine counterpart is portrayed flouncing around in mythical, half naked princess/ goddess costume.  This is no better than a fairy tale story of prince and princesses.

We’re back putting people and how they express themselves into more restraining boxes!  Through the awakening process, and seeking new guidance and understanding of our expanded consciousness.  We’ve unknowing swallowed whole, a load more limiting beliefs without chewing properly.  We forgot to spit out what didn’t follow our truth!  It’s part of the soul lesson of discernment.

So let’s look at what archetypes are at Soul level.  If you can imagine the soul came to earth to learn by having an experience of itself.  The soul doesn’t have a set expression ie it can express it’s self as male or female and will also choose the body it incarnates in (including all illnesses, ailments and restrictions) so it can have an experience of itself through those circumstances.

I like to explain archetypes as lenses.  Imagine the soul in each lifetime chooses to experience itself by creating layers of different lenses and each of these give the soul a template to work with whilst embodied.  Examples of archetypes are:  Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Mother, Father, Healer, Wounded child, Magical child, Saboteur, and the Lover.  In choosing these archetype templates the soul has access to the energy signature of these, so it can embody them whilst in the physical incarnation.

Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes are not only lenses for the soul but also have associated ‘light’ codes of knowledge and wisdom that translates to an energetic vibration.  Hence why our ability to express these archetypes and codes will be influenced by how much we have been able to integrate the 5th dimensional soul self (higher self) into the 3D physical body (this is the journey of our Twin Flame awakening).

I look at what archetypes my clients have chosen when I complete a Soul Realignment session.  I can also see if there are any corruptions in the expressions which are limiting their ability to access them at full capacity.  These can be limitations carried over from past experiences and lifetimes through choices made that were out of alignment the Divine Soul Blueprint.  These can then be re-patterned in the records to allow the full expression for the soul.  This can literally mean a huge consciousness shift and ability to embody more self-power and inner wisdom as a person can now access more energetic aspects of themselves.

I would like to add that how we express these soul archetypes are completely up to our own creative choices.  A good example is of the archetype of healer.  My Twin Flame and I have embodied many different variations of this over lifetimes.  From being shaman, doctors, surgeons, herbalists, healing high priest and priestess using energy and crystals as our tools!  As souls we were seeking different experiences to express ourselves.  Hence why we took different routes each time.

In this lifetime many people in all walks of life, across all areas of this planet are awakening to the consciousness of who they are as souls.  This means people who are doctors, accountants, lawyers, bankers, coaches, stay at home mums, teachers, cleaners, bus drivers, the list is endless!  They are all placed in those locations and workplace industries because their soul chose that.

On a larger scale perspective we are all a collective unity of souls on this planet.  For people to integrate these awakening shifts and to create changes to the outdated relationship templates, patriarchy and negative matriarchy programs.  We need people dotted across all areas of society for the shifts to occur and to assist others.  Which is why it makes no sense to have a perceived view on what Divine Masculine or Feminine look like, as each soul will embody it differently.

It’s also important to understand that we need people in all work sectors and areas of society, as they are the voices who help those around them transition through their own awakening.  They are treading new paths to help others behind them.  If everyone decided the only route was to take an alternative or nomadic route it would be very hard to reach and connect with those who needed help.

So consider this next time you see a post that describes Divine Masculine or Feminine.  Does it resonate with you?  Does it resonate with your personal experiences?  Does it make you feel less than or does it feed into an unobtainable fantasy?  Does it inspire you?

Consider that every soul has their own creative free will to be able to express themselves in a way that brings them joy.  To follow their own inner guidance and truth.  So they can shine their own light.  At a higher level they are just where they are meant to be and it’s been orchestrated that way.  Go focus on creating your own unique self-expression of you and step away from the moulds.  Ultimately if you follow your own joy you will be a shining light for others to do the same, regardless of whether you do it wearing a suit, a uniform or shrouded in robes.

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