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Soul Aligned Living Podcast- Episode 2 iTunes


What does freedom mean to you?

Many will think of the bigger things like luxury breaks away or life changing pivotal decisions.

Yet as I teach.  It’s not what you do in the 30 mins manifestation meditation you do each morning that counts.  It’s the culmination of what you do the rest of the 15.5 hours a day!

The first 30 mins post waking is the opportunity to consciously switch the channel from auto pilot to the channel of conscious creator.

It’s what you do in the 15.5 hours a day in consciousness creator mode that really is what affects your vibrational alignment!  This is what creates the freedom!

Freedom has always been important to me & was a key consideration from day 1 of setting up my business.  I didn’t go into it building foundations that weren’t stable.  I invested from day 1 in systems that supported me with as much ease as possible.  Which in turn meant a better client

experience when people wanted to work with me.

I’ve since invested to the next level in systems to support me & this assisted me in scaling to a multi 6 figure business in a pandemic…whilst doing less.

Freedom to me looks very different than you may imagine. Yet those who know my work know I am a clear channel & working multi-dimensionally throughout the day not just in ceremony!  I have allowed myself to be a conduit & work in the creative flow of initiations, upgrades, embodiment & birthing these into grounded ways to assist others to ascend soulfully in their lives & businesses.

The key thing is very little wavers my vibe!  I’m solid in my power & tapping straight into cosmic order higher perspective when unexpected things occur.  I don’t apply disaster based meaning.  I know things get moved when I make new choices daily as I leap between timelines!

I have freedom to allow magick to express through my life!

Today I woke to emails that the car hire for my NY trip to the Dorset coast was going to be for a 10 day hire cost even though I only needed it for a few days.  Meaning £2000 for car hire! Laughable but a clear red sign!

My friend who owns a retreat in Glastonbury then messaged saying the group retreat she was running over NY was no longer going ahead & did we still want to come & stay?

The magick flows in ways we don’t always know!  Yet I rolled with it!

I got up after a leisurely morning snuggled up with the cats before making an espresso & sitting in the lounge.  Which lead to a deep and powerful phone conversation.  Opening up another timeline & a new adventure trip being booked.

My friend messaged with a picture of her gorgeous rescue dog, Milo. Wearing his Xmas collar next to the tree! We made our plans & shared excitement at going on a trip to the Cotswolds this week.

I showered and got into my gym clothes around 1pm.  Did 20 mins weights & an hour walking on my treadmill at home. Whilst listening to a heart pumping disco beat filled sound track.

All the while the final pieces channeling through me that Goddess Hathor will be strong player in my upcoming 2021, 3 month Money Mastermind!

The vision, the magick, & the why bigger picture finalised my conscious awareness of my role in this next cycle.  Where women get to re-write their financial independence stories & choose the man they desire to partner with rather than there being any monetary need in a relationship!

That old template is ready to die!

I’m now sharing this as I make fresh homemade butternut squash soup & prepare to birth my new creation through a sales page.  The first steps in grounding to physical reality this deep soul contract!

All with ease.  In my time. No timetable & just what suits me.  I listen to my mind, body & soul & take the action immediately with ease.

Even when plans change.  I know it’s because I’ve called in more pleasure & that’s what I am being brought.  I know & trust it’s always working out for me!

If you would like to listen to more about the power of tapping into pleasure…

Check out Episode 2 of my Soul Aligned Living Podcast on iTunes.

Take a screen shot & tag on Instagram @purelightallera so others can tap into some magick today too!

Allera xx

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