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Soul Aligned Living Podcast: Critical thinking: You are either being programmed or programming yourself


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I’m excited to share this episode with you.

So much of this next year is for you the awakened leaders to address where you are still caught in matrix programming & conditioning. We are the disrupters. In doing so we shift the whole stage for everyone!

This is everything that makes you believe in polarisation, duality, them/us, good/bad, light/dark, the separation of the masculine/feminine (which is just a matrix program too)!

It’s all consciousness

When we partake in the illusion programs that seek to create the separation

We create it

Then it’s reflected in our realities view

We are masters incarnate

We are all connected with each other, the planet, & all our brothers & sisters amongst the galaxies

When we live in suffering of the mind we create suffering in the world & this creates war/division/separation for us & the galactic communities

To understand this means to remove all you are holding in thoughts, beliefs & stories that feed the illusion.

As YOU are it all

Each time you fear, judge, hide, create drama triangle stories & see yourself as unworthy, unloveable you feed the separation illusion program in the matrix game.

You are it ALL now!

Get comfy, grab a notepad & prepare for a transmission.

Episode 25: Critical thinking: You are either being programmed or are programming yourself!

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In today’s episode I share with you an observation that is a huge.

As I delve into understanding the game of the matrix and how you never ‘escape it’.  You learn how it operates and how this has influenced all you know, believe and perceive to be true.  It has programmed your desires and your fears which in turn means you use this distortion to create your own realities.

As I like to say…you are either creating miracles or nightmares!  There is no judgement, good/bad it’s all just you expressing and creating!

Question the status quo & BE the change!

As an energy exchange.  I invoke the law of reciprocity & ask that you tag me & share this podcast episode as a thank you so we expand the reach of this medicine.

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Allera xx

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