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Soul Activations


Along the awakening journey we are constantly being called to expand, grow & upgrade.  Nothing is static.

Yet we can become stuck.  Like there is a block to us cracking the codes of wisdom within us.

We are constantly being streamed upgraded light codes onto the planet monthly.  A huge surge will occur at this upcoming Summer Solstice.  Bringing in further 5th dimensional  energy upgrades to assist our souls in waking to their inner truth.

The start of the dismantling of the old paradigm service to self construct will begin within this next leg of ascension.  We and the planet cannot survive whist we are aligned to this matrix.  Recognising our interconnectedness to all sentient beings & Mother Earth is the way forward to each & everyone stepping up to assist one & all transform the current situation we’re facing. Not only doing this for our current survival but to ensure a future for the next generation.

Yet to be able to access & integrate these gifts of wisdom.  We have to activate our DNA to be able to integrate the light code knowledge & upgrades were being streamed.  If you imagine a different set of locks and keys for each strand of DNA.

If you haven’t discovered the lock you won’t be able to use the key to unlock it.

This is one of the reasons that humanity is all at varying degrees of awakening.  Some of the way showers have recognised that they must swiftly continue with their own ascension healing & integration.  Digging deeper, activating their soul gifts & shining their lights bright.  So they can act as a bridge & access portal for others playing catch up.

Without knowing you hold the lock within or if you do, what you need to do with it.  Is part of the challenge & why many call in and search for souls who can assist them.

I have created another free soul clearing & activation to assist those wishing to get on path & purpose. To heal & upgrade their life experience for themselves & ultimately humanity.

The bigger picture higher consciousness perspective.  Is that when you heal your own pieces you heal for humanity.  You clear the heavy baggage for your ancestral lineage, your monad group & this ripple effect makes huge changes for each and everyone of us.  As ultimately we are all interconnected.  We are all aspects of divine source. We are all one.

You can download here for free.

Make the most of the upcoming Sumner Solstice portal & complete your activation in preparation.

Love & blessings

Allera xx

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