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Sisterhood of Light: Diamond Light Transmission 2 (Listen Here)


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

As we’re going through a mass consciousness shift we have reached a point where enough of the ‘wayshowers’ have created a new collective mind.

This is when the potential for those in the mainstream to jump ship from the old programs, distortions & templates.  Release themselves from the veils they have been operating under & start to create consciously as sovereign beings.

The paths have been created to allow another accelerated motorway this year!

Which is why I have been called to start bringing through channelled wisdom & activations from The Sisterhood of Light.  This is delivered in a way to bypass the monkey mind & go straight to the bio hologram.  So things will be able to rapidly shift without a person getting caught up in linear reason/explanation & understanding.

It’s not a bypass to the deeper soul inner work.  It’s assisting in removing the armoury & old circuitry that can only handle working to a outdated 3D frequency.  Allowing a person to be switched on to more of who they are in a more streamline manner.

Activating your extra sensory perception, psychic gifts & upgrading to the crystalline templates doesn’t need to take years.

The fast track route is available if you are ready & willing to get out of your own way & accept we have been taught a ton of lies that enslave is to a reality of limited consciousness & now it’s time to activate our soul to elevate to divine truth.

?Sisterhood of light: Diamond Light Transmission 2!

Check out here:

This is a coded activation where my voice will being through sacred harmonics & geometry that will affect your bio hologram.  Therefore bypassing monkey mind!

Today’s question for you to process is.  The saint code activation – do you agree for this to be activated?

As an energy exchange.  I invoke the law of reciprocity & ask that you tag me & share this podcast episode as a thank you so we expand the reach of this medicine.

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This medicine is powerful so let’s get it to as many people as possible!

Allera xx

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