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Twin Flame Online Healing Program

Are you feeling the push to start finding out what you are here to do in this incarnation?  Are you feeling inspired to create and be of service in some way?  Do you have an idea but doubt yourself in whether it’s really your calling?  The soul agrees within it’s Divine soul blueprint at the beginning of each incarnation what it is here to do.  This information is available to you now.  Within the program you will be able to gather this information and the date you have agreed to be carrying out your Divine Timing within your Akashic records (soul records)!  The new life manifestation section of the program gives you the tools and steps to take to start creating the life your soul is dreaming of.

Are you ready to catalyse your soul growth and realign your path?  Clear over 1000 limiting beliefs, release deep seated trauma from this lifetime and across over 34 key past life timelines that are limiting you and your Twin Flame?  

The Twin Flame awakening is an express journey to clearing up karma…the cause and effect of your choices, thoughts and actions as a soul across multiple timelines!  You can do this existentially through attracting in the same soul teachers you have unfinished business with to play out the same toxic patterns, the betrayal, the heartache or you can choose (as a soul we have free will to choose how we learn our lessons) to do things differently this time.  Meaning we can do the deeper work proactively to help peel back these deep soul woundings in particular the soul core wounding at root to behaviours such as hot/cold/push pull behaviour and free ourselves from these chains of the past.  Going to the root past lifetime a pattern, belief of behaviour that is manifesting in your current life is the key way to shift a situation playing out between not only you and your Twin Flame but anyone in your life.  These are tools for your soul growth and ascension that can be used in all areas of your life including your own healing, relationships and businesses!

Are you ready to use receive powerful activations to assist you in integrating deeper wisdom, opening you up to start receiving more intuitive guidance in a grounded way?  This program contains the tools I use with my private 1:1 clients to assist them in deep soul awakenings that are integrated and brought together with tools that can be used in day to day life.    


What’s included in the Twin Flame
Online Healing program

  1. Access to the online private membership section of the Pure Light 1111 site.  This is where you will be able to access the following coaching videos which include clearings and activations.
  2. As well as bonus workbooks and exercises to assist you on your healing journey.
  3. You will also get access to future bonus materials and any updates to the program free of charge.
  4. This online program and the videos are designed to help you get the healing, knowledge, wisdom, support and benefit similar to having a 1:1 coaching session with me.
  1. Introduction to the Online Twin Flame Coaching program (19:44 min)
  2. Dark night of the soul (18:41 min)
  3. Importance of energy clearing (29:46 min)
  4. How to connect to your higher self for guidance (21:51)
  5. Safety first (12:10 min)
  6. When your Twin Flame is battling addictions (29:05 min)
  7. Mother Wounds healing video (1 hour 7 mins)
  8. 30 day positive energy play and morphic field clearing (34:44 min)
  1. Activation healing session (MP3)
  2. Boundaries (workbook)
  3. Tough love (workbook)
  4. Overcoming Twin Flame Blocks: Fear of sexual intimacy (workbook)
  5. Past live Trauma, Confusion and Illusion causing present life blocks.  34 Past lives to clear (workbook)
  6. 30 day of positive energy play (workbook)

This comprehensive ebook and mp3 clearing meditation program designed to give you the conscious awareness so you can then clear at soul level throughout.  The program is to be done in this order.

There is also a workbook which explains this further. This is all sent to you automatically via email as soon as you purchase the program. Your online membership login details will then follow separately via email. 

Twin Flame Healing program

(Also available as a stand alone option without any access to the membership site, coaching videos and bonus support material to ensure that this can reach as many people who need it.)

  1. Strong Foundations- Introduction
  2. Muscle Testing Technique
  3. Strong Foundations- Energy Hygiene
  4. Strong Foundations Space Clearing
  5. The Dark night of the soul
  6. The Journey of the Soul and Divine Timing
  7. Twin Flames and the drama Triangle
  8. Re-parenting the inner child and the importance of looking after your own divine temple
  9. Past Life Road Blocks
  10. Forgiveness
  11. Soulful Living – True Authentic Self
  12. Manifestation pack
  1. Strong Foundations Daily Energy Clearing meditation
  2. Strong Foundations – Space clearing Meditation
  3. Weekly Akashic Records Energy Clearing Meditation
  4. SOS Bounce back from overwhelm
  5. Reparenting yourself & looking after the temple- self-care meditation
  6. Dark night of the soul – Meditation
  7. Blocks to soul love meditation
  8. Journey of the soul – core wound, relationship with the creator & separation from your Twin Flame Healing
  9. The drama triangle Twin Flame Clearing Meditation
  10. Twin Flame Akashic Records Clearing- Disempowerment, slavery & ancestral templates
  11. Reparenting yourself & looking after the inner temple- Inner child healing meditation
  12. Past Life Road Blocks- Past life regression meditation
  13. Forgiveness meditation – You have the keys to your own cage
  14. Soulful living- what am I here to do meditation
  15. Soulful living – Calling in your Twin Flame
  16. Soulful living – New life manifestation


Cost: £595 inc VAT

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