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Free Time to Awaken Meditation


This soul awakening activation is done in a grounded & safe way with the assistance of the angelic realm, galactic council, Goddess Isis & God Osiris within your Akashic records.

For many going through the awakening process they find themselves stuck. Blocked from accessing higher levels of consciousness. Often this is due to past life fears about opening up your spiritual senses & gifts in case you abuse them.

Humanity has also been bound energetically within our etheric (so called junk) dna. To remain locked at a lower 3rd dimensional consciousness. Keeping us restricted to the limitations of this plane & in particular the fear grids within it.

Once we begin to expand our consciousness & increase our energy vibration we will often notice that we struggle to manifest in the same way we used to. This is because as our soul vibration increases to the next dimensional awareness of consciousness we must also evolve and start to manifest at a higher level. Manifesting things that aren’t aligned with your soul purpose will also become harder.

For many without any awareness of these changes often find themselves in struggle & looping patterns. As the soul will start to bring up all the old trauma, blocks & restrictions to carrying out your true soul purpose.

Within this soul realignment & activation I will be taking you through a deep pre clearing to assist in removing a lot of the lower energies & restrictions that are present. I will then perform a dna activation, kundalini activation & merkaba activation all within your Akashic records & with the over sight of the Divine light beings that have stepped forth to assist.

Love and blessings
Allera xx



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