Free Pleidian Crop Circle Light Language Transmission - Pure Light 1111

Free Pleidian Crop Circle Light Language Transmission


Gorgeous souls,

I have been asked to share this gift from the Pleidians.

This crop circle immersed on Friday 2nd July in Avebury, Wiltshire (UK).  This is on the land of the largest stone circle in the world.

*I asked:  What is the code transmission at this site?

Pleidian message

It is all here for you to see

The wonder & the answers

We present these codes through transmission into the higher heart

Bypass the mind & step further into the heart field

Feel the code

Consume the code

We mean this to the inner most part of your being

For that is where the alchemical frequencies expand within you


To prepare take time to light a candle & sit quietly.  Grounding your energy so you feel centred.

Set the intention to expand your energy field to the size of the room.  Opening up your field to receive the sacred geometry & Light language codes.

Use the picture of the crop circle firstly.  Stare at this shape & imagine it in holographic form in front of you.  Imagine bringing this shape into you. As though you are merging it with you.

A way to imagine this is that you are bringing this shape into you & merging it with your heart.  Then all the codes it carries start to fill the bones, bone marrow & spread outwards through the cells, dna & different layers of your energy field.  Till you are glowing & shimmering in bright golden light.

Once you have done this step.  Only then listen to the recorded transmission.

Afterwards bring your energy in 50%.  Make sure you are grounded & drink plenty of fluids (with electrolytes).

Do not do any of this transmission whilst driving or operating machinery!

Allera xx