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She chooses herself


There is something so powerful when a woman chooses her desires

When she chooses to lead from heart & soul

When she decides & follows through as she is all in on trusting herself

A woman who no longer plays the games & tricks of past wounding & instead curates her life experience from a deep inner knowing that she is source embodied, she is worthy, she is cosmic royalty on Earth

A woman that gifts herself what feels the most exciting, expansive & pleasurable options at all time

Her energy & essence is key to her impact & she will ensure they are pristine at all times

She chooses to say ‘yes’ to the energetic expansion she desires even if in the linear realms it might not make sense through the monkey mind or fit with everyone else’s schedule

She is working with source & soul time

She received the guidance & follows with powerful confident steps

She will not be pulled off path or distracted from the life she is crafting

It’s not her baby.  It’s her Queendom.  A life that celebrates the soul she truly is, the lifetimes of mastery & sacred holy gifts she holds.

Come join me to as I share about opulent alignment…for the woman who knows gods desires are whispered through her own.  She is made for more!

*Pic taken from this weekend.  We created a luxury Bespoke VIP experience on private sacred land backing onto ancient woodland. Beautiful food prepared by a top chef, a powerful day in 1:1 ceremony with me & my team where my new client gifted herself a day of full magick, healing, activation & channeled her next level expansion to collapse time! 100% attention just for herself.  She is ready for a new chapter & this was rocket fuel!

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