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Shadow Hunting


What drives you to really dig deep into all the hidden crevices of self on this awakening journey?  To map out your timeline of trauma, childhood bonding wounds, disappointments, rejections and even illness and injuries?  Then delving deeper into the root of where these patterns, imprints, miasms, illusions and limiting beliefs arose involving the souls who have graced our lives in many guises & personas as our soul teachers.

We have to go to the root lifetime that a pattern, block or restriction happened to then fully resolve and clear it.  In many cases it’s not just unfinished business we have with the souls who we chose as parents in this lifetime.  It’s the whole of our ancestral lineage and most of the significant people in our lives.

Now I come across many who have avoided going to the deeper levels.  Some due to fear and avoidance but mostly because they don’t know they need to.  That piece of the map hasn’t yet been revealed.

A huge driving force in pushing myself to constantly go deeper into peeling the layers of self, facing the wounding and healing it for good.  Was that I have such a strong commitment to break my ancestral lineage patterns and all the trauma cycles my soul has endured.  Not just for myself and to clear for the 8 generations of ancestors we all commit to heal by doing this work.  It was so that I never pass this stuff onto my own children. I don’t want this to be part of their energetic makeup.  A dirty piece of baggage they would later have to work through.

I know that the souls who are choosing fully awakened parents are needing them as vessels to be as high vibration as possible on all levels (mind, body and soul).  This has
meant going deeper into my healing.  Going into further soul, cellular and past life healing.  Detoxing and nourishing my physical body further.  Looking at whatever would be a block to having children.  It’s taken me back into deeper layers of my past life Isis temple initiations. Re ignited the Magdalene codes within me whilst healing the deep feminine wounding I held from those lifetimes.  It’s made me go deeper into healing the sexual and birth trauma inherited through matriarchal lines.  The patterns of betrayal and abuse as a default template through my patriarchal line.  It’s made me look deeply into shadow pieces of where sacred sexuality became deviant and distorted for my soul in the many incarnations it’s served.

You might be wondering why go that deep.  Well ultimately we may see those lifetimes as in the past, however time is only a 3d concept.  So all the beliefs, trauma and patterns are still active now in your present life, even held in your cellular memory.  Meaning they are still alive and kicking and affecting you now.

I know when I move forwards in my path it acts as a trigger to resurface whatever is a block to be seen and healed.  I want the freedom and peace this brings.  Once I have awareness of something I won’t let it go till I get to the root.  I hunt the shadow.  In the depths I went to through in the initial part of my awakening brought up rapidly by my Twin Flame.  I learnt not to be scared of what I might uncover.  I don’t run from it.  It’s pointless you’re only running from yourself.  The delay this causes is more uncomfortable for me to sit with than facing it.  I work quickly when I integrate and shift.  There’s been so many layers I have to work this way!

If we hold the space of compassion and acceptance for ourselves throughout.  It makes the experience easier.  The same goes for all the other soul players entangled in teaching us these soul lessons and sparking the original traumas.  If we recognise that each of them is acting from wounded parts of themselves, including parents, ex lovers, friends.  To see that their soul self, their true self and inner light.  Is vastly different from the personas and behaviours we have experienced.  We also have to accept that we too have been acting from the wounded, unloved personas of self that caused us to act in ways that hurt ourselves and others. It allows us to get to a more detached place of what at soul level has been playing out through the experiences.  So we can forgive ourselves and all others involved.

This work is transformational.  It tears down all the illusions of self.  Leaving us raw, vulnerable but far more connected to our truth.  With this brings strength and an ability to step more fully into our true path and into our power.

No one else can take these steps for you.  There’s no magic wand.  It is your inner calling and desire for change that acts as a catalyst to start this process.  Everything you need to unravel and take a closer look at makes its self known.  So much so you can’t ignore it.  Through the pain, the tears and the confusion as another distorted lense of self is dissolved.  We gain clarity on the next step of the journey!

If you would like some guidance on what areas to become curious about.  Take a look at these blog posts:

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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