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Senses – Part 1


What are our extra senses and how might they be playing out in our families right now! 


I have mentioned in previous posts that the children these days are being born much more sensory aware than we are aware.  Which means in many cases we’re not giving them the support they need to understand or manage the experiences they are having.


For many reading this in particular Twin Flames, your own awakenings will have activated the further development and expansion of these extra senses.


So if in a household everyone is kind of going through the same thing but at different rates and there is fear, ignorance and denial about it.  It just creates more fear and worry into the home environment which becomes a magnet for unwanted guests (entities)! 


So what are these senses and how can you tell if you or your children might be using these extra intuitive tools?


Clairvoyant intuition- Seeing


This means that a person is able to translate energies into into visual symbols and messages.  It can vary person to person on how they receive this information.  I personally will ‘see’ intuitively with both my eyes open and closed (through my minds eye).  Which means I will see a spirit and also see whether someone has an entity in their energy field with my eyes open. I will also receive information in dreams. I will ‘see’ angels with my eyes open in the form of colours or sparkling flashes of light.  So it can be quite a varied range of receiving information which will differ for everyone.  From experience, the less fear you hold about what you might see the more this sense expands. 


Often in past lives we have abused our intuitive gifts or have seen something very frightening so it causes such a shock that we shut ourselves down.  These traumas can easily be removed and healed so you can safely grow intuitively. 


I have had some pretty hair raising experiences over the years.  Seeing a male demonic entity on a wall which was stalking me.  Seeing an entity show itself to me in a woman and watch her face completely change in front of me, eyes went black and her energy shifted!  Even waking up with a nun on my bed as a child.


From seeing literally thousands of past lives,  I’ve seen all manner of gruesome and also very sad things.  It has meant as I’ve grown I’m not scared of what I might see but am more able to watch with detachment.  


Children up till the age of 10 are able to see through the veil.  Meaning they can see into the astral plane (spirit plane) and often into other realms/dimensions just through their day dreaming, nightly dreams and their active imaginations literally allowing them to access different places.  You can see how easily it could be for them to become confused or also use it as an escape.  If home and school is too energetically intense and over stimulating they can just switch to another reality.


To add, children who are playing a lot of online computer games are in a trance like disassociated state whilst doing so. Focussed on what they are playing and not grounded into their physical body.  The subconscious mind in this state doesn’t know the difference between real danger and that in a film or computer screen.  So the kids are actually having body experiences such as increased cortisol (stress hormone), adrenaline (fight or flight response).  Their consciousness is focussed often on fear and violence in the games.  Combine this all with highly intuitive sensitive children and I have seen many instances where they are not only getting entity attachments whilst playing the games they are opening portals to the astral plane which attracts entities in. It often causes the children to have repeated strange or violent dreams (as they negatively astral travel at night). 


It’s not uncommon for children to talk about their experiences of what they are seeing.   Saying they can see ghosts or that they see shadow people in their rooms at night.  If they are having reoccurring nightmares or don’t want to sleep at night it’s often that through their powerful imaginations combined with their high emotions of fear they have opened the veil into another realm which if you can imagine is like opening a doorway/portal.  


This is very common for children (and adults) to do this and it happens a lot with those going through awakenings.  It kind of opens up the access to your home to the spirit world and as fear or confusion is present, it’s the lower energy negative entities which are coming into the home.  You will feel a negativity in the home and pets will likely be strongly affected too.  You may notice a string of things start to break (electrical/water works) and perhaps even illnesses start to manifest in the family. If you were trying to sell your home this would often mean it comes to a standstill and you just can’t sell it! A huge energetic block is caused. 


Also if a loved one has died.  A child will often still want to have contact with them.  What can happen is they will open a portal way into the astral land to do so but at the same time other spirits can access the home.


If a parent or people coming into the home are drinking, smoking, taking drugs (including plant medicine) it’s highly likely they have entity attachments.  I had one child explain to me they saw a black shadow man corded to the back of their dad when he had been drinking.  He explained that it had claws and would also try to attack him and his brothers when they slept.  He was very scared as he wanted to protect his dad but felt he needed to stay away from him as his dad would seem angry and not himself when the black shadow man was around! 


If this is something that is ringing bells it’s a soul realignment and a property Realignment that is needed plus daily energy clearing for the home/family. 


Talk to your children about their experiences.  Don’t ever make them feel they are bad or have done something wrong to see these things.  Many children shut down sharing their experiences and even their senses as they have been told off for lying. 


Encourage them to keep dream journals or draw the guidance/ images they are seeing.  Not only does this help them feel safe as they are sharing the info with you it will also help them to have a creative outlet and help them to see patterns in what they are being shown.  So they can start to trust their own intuition.


For a child to go through these experiences in fear and alone will cause trauma.  Holding onto fear and trauma affects their energy field and leaves an imprint of these experiences in their energy field.  This means they are much more likely to attract more of the same events again in life and will have weakened energetic boundaries thus attracting more entities. 


Switch off the tv, computers and phones at least an hour before bed.  Making sure children are grounded and not spacey which is a sign they are not pulling all of their energy into the body.  


Teaching your children to call in angels for help, support and guidance is always good at any age.  All they need to ask in their heads or out loud is Archangel Michael, Metatron and Haniel please help me feel safe and loved.  As they do this more they will be able to open to more support and guidance.  Due to universal laws if we need help we must ask for it, they can’t intervene unless we ask.  So encourage your children to ask for the angels support or protection when they need it. 


The clairvoyance intuitive sense is connected to the third eye or brow chakra (literally imagine a point between the two physical eyes).  


Doing the daily strong foundations clearing weekly also clears your chakras (so include your children in your daily energy clearing requests). 


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Diet plays a big part in expanding our intuitive senses.  The food we eat will have a vibration of its own which we take into our bodies that will in turn affect our own vibration state.  As we go through the Twin Flame awakening many feel called to eat more high vibrational foods (those close to their natural state that don’t hold heavy trauma energies or chemicals).  Hence why many decide to reduce or cut out alcohol or meat.  The cleaner our diets the more clearer our intuitive guidance becomes.


To nourish the clairvoyant senses – cut out caffeine, alcohol and fluoride (it calcifies the pineal gland).  I swapped to fluoride free toothpaste available in Whole foods or most health food stores. 


Eat:  dark leafy greens, broccoli, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries and coconut.


Love and blessings

Allera xx

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