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Self love!


Daily positive affirmations of love to yourself regardless of whether you have a significant other in your life, True love is an inside job and it’s ongoing. Not a one off exercise!

Is today a day to re-write the love story with self? If you want to attract a compatible soul into your life you need to first become your own most compatible soulmate!

Perhaps try writing a love letter to yourself! Start by shifting the relationship within and this then starts to shift and reflect the outer relationships you have. Committing to daily acts of love for yourself. Committing to treating yourself with love, respect and kindness.

Making a promise to only surround yourself with loving, supportive, honest people who want the best for you. Those who will tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear. Knowing that to allow it any other way comes from a place of co-dependency. Make a decision to live your truth. Surround yourself with those who truly want to see you shine and believe in your potential. Those who feel excitement and joy at supporting you with your goals to live a life of purpose.

Nourish your body with good sleep, healthy food and exercise that keeps you strong and grounded. Respect your body and honour it with strong boundaries. Respect your time and who you give your energy to through your thoughts, actions and deeds.

Commit to recognising the people around you and whether they are in alignment with you energetically. Surround yourself with radiators not drains who vampire your vital life force energy. Listen to what people say and whether their actions are in alignment with their words. Talk is cheap but action speaks a million words. Listen to the language people use…know that moaning and gossip comes from inner self lack of love and often jealousy and inaction. Align yourself with those who you want to be like for their vibrancy, their positivity even when life throws challenges, their compassion, their drive and resilience. Commit to raising your own bar so you too can shine in your own bright way with others who share the same intention in how they live their lives. Align to your tribe!

Surround yourself with people who stimulate your mind with their intellect and light up your soul with their presence.

Have gratitude daily for all that life has brought you and all that is yet to come.

Make a commitment to become a person you could fall in love with! Someone you respect for their truth, integrity, kindness, fun, sense of adventure, compassion and a passion to do what is highest and best in this lifetime. Commit to yourself never to settle for crumbs in any area of life. Commit to creating a life that lights you up and fulfils your soul. Knowing that to do it any other way would be a path to a slow death of your soul. Honour the gift of this lifetime by making a commitment to your soul to fill it with love, joy, bliss and fulfilment!

Write the actions you will take in the next 30days to embody the following virtues: Kindness, Compassion, joy, speaking your truth, love, personal integrity. Then ensure that daily you are carrying out daily actions to demonstrate these. You have to bring to the table all of the attributes you want to attract in a partner.

Keep your letter under your pillow and say these affirmations out loud daily.

Try saying these daily 50x out loud for 30 days!

  • I love myself
  • I forgive myself
  • I honour myself
  • I respect myself
  • I respect my body
  • I respect my time
  • I love my soul

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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