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Sacred Twin Flame Akashic Record Clearing


The Akashic records are the energetic database of the soul which holds all human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent which has ever occurred past, present and future.

The Akashic records played a huge role throughout my Twin Flame journey as I learnt, grew and gained a wider expanse of consciousness about myself as a soul plus the many adventures I had experienced. The records can be a source of amazing information but also great for creating huge healing shifts by clearing away the limiting blocks and restrictions affecting you at this time.

I have also found them a daily tool of reference whilst going through periods of rapid growth and change. As souls we are multi-dimensional by nature. Which means that there are multiple aspects of yourself operating at different dimensional levels and in parallel lifetimes. As the Twin Flame journey is a soul path I was awakened to this knowledge firstly through my dreams.

I would start encountering myself and Twin Flame in different situations and would be able to converse with them and gather information which gave me clues to what was happening in my present day life. At the time it was confusing to understand what exactly I was tapping into. As my awareness and understanding grew, I was shown that whilst in a 3d physical reality, if an aspect of yourself is having an experience at another dimensional level and is experiencing trauma/restrictions affecting money/abundance for example. It can affect you in your present day reality without any obvious reasons why!

You may find that you are doing a lot of energy clearing and belief work but still finding it hard to earn enough money or move out of a pattern or cycle. This is where accessing the records and performing Soul Realignment® at a multi-dimensional and parallel life level can help!

Throughout The Twin Flame Healing Program I include clearing and healing for the parallel lives and across all dimensions. Ensuring that if the healing is needed then it can be carried out at all levels. I also offer 121 sessions where I can go deeper into what is happening in your current situation for you and your Twin, so that you gain the conscious awareness of the learning them we clear, complete and resolve. Thus, removing the blocks, allowing you to move forwards to take new actions to manifest a different outcome in your reality.

The Akashic records will be able to show you when your Divine Timing is, what you agreed to do when you came here. They will also confirm whether the person you have met in your life is truly your Twin Flame! A question which the heart always knows the answer to but in many cases the ego gets in the way of the clarity it provides. The Akashic records can help here.

They can also provide you with information around what is happening in you and your Twin Flames current situation and what life lessons you have agreed to help each other complete.

Soul Realignment® is a process which starts the process of bringing you as souls back into alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint. As Twin Flame souls you have experienced many lifetimes together and came in holding a lot of baggage as you knew you would be able to shift it. There are many different modalities which can assist in the process. However I have found that as we are essentially a soul having a physical embodied experience it makes sense to heal at the root, the soul, within the Akashic records.

I offer a number of different levels of Soul Realignment® sessions. I have also created a specific Akashic record reading and clearing designed for Twin Flames. With my own experiences in this field, I have created an extensive database of knowledge and am able to go deep into the shadow healing work, energetic negative interference clearing, on and off planet past lives, childhood attachment/core wound clearing, grid work, beliefs, magic clearance, soul memory corruptions/healing, archetype re-patterning and much more, which is all brought up as part of healing the illusions on the Twin Flame path.

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