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Sacred site activations – Part 3


Beautiful Souls,

I have heard the call again & will be travelling to the sacred sites of Avebury & Stonehenge on Friday.

Over the past week I have been through another unpeeling of self in preparation.  It’s become very clear as women we have never truly experienced freedom in its deepest form. Our fields are not encoded with the frequency.

From birth & through our lineages we have been tied into many structures of patriarchy influence, belief systems & forms of soul slavery.  True free expression was never possible.

I was shown I was tapped into a belief in the collective feminine field that men must be worshipped.  It linked into the view that women were of lesser value than a man which is why they were often sacrificed physically (think offerings to gods/rituals) or through their life being of complete sacrifice to others.

There is a huge simmering pot of rage, humiliation & anger.  This structure has silenced women & in releasing ourselves & lineages we release its power over us.  We can finally truly use our voices, our bodies & express however WE CHOOSE!

My father acted like a man who should be worshipped. In his mind he was to do no housework or lift a finger once home.  Women were to serve him & wait on him.  Everyone had to tip toe around his needs.  This is also how his mother raised him.  He was golden boy!

Where in your life is this playing out for you?

Where do you hesitate asking for that pay rise or play good girl in the hope to be noticed by a man, partner, boss, partner?

Where are you allowing sexist remarks to fly when deep down you know you need to speak out?

Where are stuck in a dynamic of playing the little girl that daddy looks after financially well into adulthood?  Where you have not stepped into your independence & power so rely on asking your father for money to live, pay the rent, go on holiday?  Where are you allowing yourself to be trapped forever playing daddies little girl?

Ultimately a man doesn’t want you to grow up into an empowered women in this situation even if it comes from a place of love.  It all comes at a cost.  Soul fulfilment ultimately.  The big question is whether the money comes with conditions & control.  If you wanted to step into your power in the world would the money be used as a weapon or withdrawn to stop you?

Where are you in a relationship dynamic that has the underlying constructs that brings you financial income in return for your time/company & in turn binds and controls you?  We must get honest with ourselves. The whole sugar daddy & kept mistress dynamic is a patriarchal construct.  It also keeps a women’s wings clipped & bound.

It’s this old school patriarchal template that is still rife presently which for many women are struggling against.  It’s literally wired through their field & dna.

It’s also playing out on their life lives as they will attract men in who may appear to have a modern outlook but simmering below the surface are the same templates & belief systems.  They haven’t yet freed themselves.

The deep seated patriarchal systems are a block to women stepping more fully into their power & fully finding their voices.  It’s these undercurrents that seek to keep a woman small.  Playing small & earning small.

In many areas of western society it’s still a man’s world even if women are in it.  The men who hold the power are of the generation that still holds the patriarchal coding strong.

This is a huge block around MONEY!

Part of what I am being shown is that for women to step into their Wealthy High Priestess Selves we must recalibrate ourselves to the new templates need to embody.  Then become the set point to anchor these shifts into the grids Globally.

I will be guided with more information as I get to the sites.

If you would like to join me in support.  I will be at Avebury at 12:30pm on Friday to start the activations.  Imagine standing next to one of the large stones as I activate the whole stone circle. Meditate for around 30 minutes & assist in holding the energy.

I have been shown this is the final part of the three activations.  I must then pull these together into an 6 week group Intensive mastermind coaching program which I will launch in the coming months.

This will be for a small group of women who are ready to fully transform their money story & trauma.  Reprogram to the wealth consciousness of the Wealthy High Priestess.  Those who are ready to disentangle themselves from the patriarchal structures that have held us trapped, voiceless & in financial struggle.  Those ready to reconnect to pleasure, flow & creativity to activate their inner magnetic goddess self with confidence.

It’s for those that are ready to assist me in pulling these structures down energetically for the rest of the feminine collective & help others on a wider scale!

As with everything I integrate then teach & share!  I am very much on this path with everyone!  I am already seeing enormous shifts in my own life with money, new opportunities, support & clients that are aligned to my work ‘finding’ me without any effort.

Please message me if this journey is calling you as I will create a pre intake list now.  My feeling is this will launch around April

Love & abundant blessings

Allera xx

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