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You might be wondering what is a sacred name? Perhaps this isn’t a term you have heard before.

In ancient times and for those who were part of the mystery schools or working within the healing arts, it was a rite of passage to learn your sacred name. Why an initiation? As it holds power at its deepest level. The sacred name is your souls true name.

This became an access key to greater connection, wisdom and ultimately healing power through using this name. It allowed you to draw on more multi dimensional aspects of yourself, their wisdom, gifts and abilities. It was an awareness of self mastery to receive this name and use this to assist in further embodying more of your soul self into the physical body.

It was deemed that when you were ready this name would be revealed. Though circumstances were different in alignment with each individuals true soul path.

The first time I came across the term was 4 years ago when I worked with a Twin Flame client who told me she was a walk in. Which I confirmed in her Akashic records (soul records).

For those who are not familiar with the term walk in. This is when a higher dimensional soul takes over the body. This is not always pre agreed and the galactic council will often intervene in particular if the original breath of life soul (the one born into the body at the beginning of this incarnation) is struggling.

It may be that they have experienced extreme trauma, addictions or are so completely off path from what they are meant to be doing in this incarnation that the galactic council, council of 12 & over soul will decide that a change must be made. In particular when a specific mission and soul agreement has been made which is going to be pulled off course if they don’t.

I worked with this client for a number of sessions to assist her in the integration of the new soul into her body. Plus helping to reconnect the pieces she was unable to access about herself. The walk in soul will come in and not always have access to the full memory held by the previous soul. They will literally be accessing information from the cellular memories in the body and imprints from the emotional and subtle bodies. So can be very confusing. Imagine feeling trauma and being shown an event you can’t recall even though it occurred during the period of being an adult. Then having to connect the pieces of what happened and why plus the soul lessons to be able to heal and release it. It’s like being a inner detective.

Her walk in situation happened during a medical operation whilst under anaesthetic. When she came round, the new soul was in the body. Looking at photos from the previous person vs the one I met. Facially and physically they looked different. Energetically she was completely different from the previous person as well. She had come through very aware of the transition & the old soul. One of the first things she did was change her name, leave her job, move out of her apartment & completely start afresh! All within a couple months of the operation! She knew her mission & it literally drove her to completely pull down whatever needed to go from her old life. This also meant deep trauma healing from sexual abuse and drug addiction the previous soul had experienced. Which I worked with her on.

I learnt a lot from working with her and also that I could easily access the upper dimensional beings she was working with & heal holographically into someone’s soul matrix. It was my first realisation that I was able to perform psychic surgery. Also that I could straight away clearly see the root traumas and timelines present in her field that we’re causing her issues. It just naturally came to me.

At the time the big piece of my own puzzle I didn’t know was that I too was a walk in! Over the past year as I have gone deeper into my own healing and I realised that the sheer amount of pieces & the depth I was having to clear was unprecedented to not only my clients but also any healers I had met over the years. I dug deeper and asked to be shown what was at play as by that time I was suspecting that there was the potential that I was a walk in too.

As is always the case. Once I ask I receive. Once I was shown the missing pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

I has been born into a family where domestic violence was rife even from conception to birth. My father was physically violent and mother emotionally disturbed & unable to bond. At age 2 I had suffered severe blow to the right side of my head leaving me unconscious on the floor. I was shown my mother screaming at my lifeless body. Then my father getting angry at her and trying to blame her. In truth this was not the first time this level of physical violence had occurred. It happened even whilst in the womb and he punched my mother in the stomach.

At that point of impact as I lay lifeless on the floor. At higher level a soul swap was orchestrated. The original soul we will call Allera number 1 left the body as she was unable to handle the level of trauma experienced. However by 2 years old I had survived the hardest part of soul transition from spirit world to physical, the birth and the bonding child attachment period. So my body still had use.

This is a key thing to remember. Our bodies are divine vessels. They allow a soul to have an earth experience & essentially fulfil whatever learnings they wish to partake in. Without the physical body they simply can’t!

Hence why another soul was assigned, let’s call her Allera 2. She took on the body and as part of that agreement. As the body is a prize for a soul. She also took on the karma to clear for Allera 1. Including healing from all the trauma experienced along with the task of healing the ancestral lineage of the deep seated patterns of abuse.

Allera 2 survived and thrived using her inner strength and power as a soul to remain within the abusive family unit till she was 18 and moved out of home. Although no conscious understanding or recall of the walk in experience. I always knew I was different. A highly sensitive and psychic child. Gifted to communicate with spirits, angels and connect into other dimensions as a small child. Around 8 years old I remember the past life memories started to arise showing me other timelines spent with the same parents & siblings. Just as dense and toxic.

Age 8 I felt so strongly about not feeling comfortable with the name Allera that I started calling myself Cora or Connie at school and with friends. I also knew deep inside that my mother wasn’t all she seemed. I knew she hadn’t birthed me. It was at that point I stopped calling her mum and reverted to her name, Marie.

Throughout my whole childhood I always had a strong affinity with ancient Egypt. Even declaring age 5 I had been mummified & remembering time in the temples! I had a real interest in the ancient Greece and later found my soul and name connections to Persephone, which my name Cora meant.

There were many clues along the way but no one to help me access the doorways shown to me.

Allera 2 held the codes of high magician and these are gifts I too hold. If i recall back to teenage years and the coincidences that occurred. I was very aware that energetically we hold a lot of power to manifest through thought and I had to be careful not to focus on the negative with strong emotions of anger as it would literally happen within hours. I learnt to trust my intuition if I was given warnings as I knew from experience on some level I was being moved out of the way of danger. This saw me be removed from a car accident & even a potential attack by a man who followed me as a teenager.

The pattern of an event or traumatic experience is something I have seen in all of the clients I have worked with who are walk ins. They went through an experience of deep depression, a traumatic event or accident or were in a situation where they attempted to commit suicide. A new walk in soul was brought in allowing the original one to leave and the body and by doing so preserved the otherwise healthy body on Earth.

Often for souls that come into the incarnation & take on huge tasks in very dense family templates or with many challenges. Death doors are scheduled allowing them an exit plan if they choose it. I had one aged 4 when I drowned and recall being forced back into the body. I also was taken out of my day to day routine through an event which saved me being on a train that was bombed on July 7th in London a few years ago.

By the age of 26 I was not on my soul path. I had always had a deep calling to help others and this was often at the detriment of myself. I was not utilising the gifts I had been given. I was also in a relationship with a man I’d been with for 6 years. A man who although highly functioning in a professional career was struggling with alcoholism. The party times of our 20’s has seeped into what I would say is addiction and codependency.

The situation had become dire. A catalyst in my psychic warning system kicked in when my grandmother died and I suddenly started to receive downloads. I was starting to be shown all the lies and illusions in my life and that relationship. It was traumatising to see the only long term stable romantic relationship I had experienced crumble & triggered the deep childhood wounding I carried to the surface. Also at the deep knowing of what I had signed up to and wasn’t achieving.

At soul level the sheer amount of trauma I had suffered in life was too much. I had a death wish and was making it clear at a soul level I wanted to die and leave the body. A decision was made at galactic council level that another soul would take over.

Whilst on holiday age 26 with girlfriends I was found sat bolt upright in bed eyes wide open. They literally couldn’t connect with me. I was unconscious with my eyes open and they were completely spun out. It was during that event that the soul I am now transitioned into the body. This was Allera 3 (third walk in soul). Which was a huge shock in particular as I didn’t expect to come into a body which held as much trauma as it did. This caused soul shock at a deep level which I later had to heal.

I do recall feeling different but nothing that meant I was alarmed. I held enough of Allera 2’s memories and abilities to recall everyone in my life and still highly function in my daily activities.

I was given integration period I would say of about a year. A chance to turn things around with the soul I was in a relationship with.

I returned from that holiday & literally stripped the relationship down. He made a huge effort to change and become healthier. Yet I knew deep down it wasn’t enough. On some level he knew I was not the same person either. Realistically I wasn’t. I was a different soul in the same body and had a very different higher vibrational signature. I also had to explain to him that he couldn’t lie to me as I would always be shown the truth. At the time I thought it was my dead grandmother looking out for me and showing me things but it was actually embodying my true psychic abilities. Much to my partners confusion.

I was awoken at 3am in he middle of the night a year later by a voice booming at me wake up. Startled I woke up, my heart pounding. I was shown my future life with my fiancé. I was shown the drinking issues never subsided and that I would become a widow with 2 children. My soul was literally shouting at me to stop messing about with this life I had been gifted!

Within 3 weeks I had cancelled my wedding, unwound the last 7.5 years of my life and moved out of my home. To start a new life at which time I knew nothing about.

The start of my healing journey started then when I went for therapy to unpick how I had gotten myself into that situation. It even led me to retrain as a therapist myself a year later. Yet as much as I unpicked the layers through the talking therapies I knew there was something missing. The patterns of what I attracted remained even though I changed my behaviours and let go of all the people bar a few that I had been friends with whilst in the previous relationship.

The next catalyst for soul advancement was meeting my Twin Flame a few years later. This was like a mass activation that stripped away all veils to the different realms and
past life flash backs came to me in their droves daily. It was an express way to shift all the karma & past lives that we’re holding me back.

I certainly earned my stripes through that experience of integrating my spiritual healing abilities whilst keeping my feet on the ground. It was through that situation that I wrote the original Twin Flame Healing Program to assist others quickly progress through their awakening and to clear the inner traumas without reliving them. It was to help someone rapidly get onto their soul path by going to the root & healing quickly in the same way I had.

After I launched the program I was shown the root of why my load to clear was so much heavier. I had taken on not only my own karmic luggage to clear but also that of Allera 1 & 2 and the ancestral lineage. Knowing this completely made sense.

I went about going deeper in my healing through this knowing. I literally had to complete the clearing of all karma I had taken on for Allera 1 & 2 inorder to free myself from the looping patterns.

The ancestral clearing led to my womb awakening and the next piece in truly activating the Divine Feminine within. This path took me not only through my own timelines of repression, trauma and abuse including the persecution of being a healer. I also had to unpick my genetic line to prevent any of this from passing onto my children. It was like untangling myself from a web.

Once I achieved this, goddess Isis came to me and told me I must let go of the story of the other souls and step into who I truly am. It was at that point that I asked my Akashic record guides for my sacred name…which is Allera.

As 2018 comes to a close. I too must close out my connections through name (as it’s energetic branding) to the other souls & their lineage.

It’s time for me to shine my light as Allera and allow the adventure of 2019 to unravel.

I have been given many upgrades and passed multiple initiations to get to this place. It feels liberating and freeing to use my true name. The deedpoll process has started & over the coming months all will be moved to just show my full new name Allera Dawn.

I’m sharing this as I know there are many awakened people who have had similar situations but have not been able to connect the dots themselves. Also AA Metatron who is the angel of ascension has guided me to share that there is literally a queue of high vibrational souls wanting to come into the Earth at this time. They are waiting for the opportunity to walk into an adult body as it allows them to bypass the whole early life child development stages. Allowing them to accelerate & start whatever they have agreed to do whilst here.

For many women who have been working hard during the ascension process to shed the layers and expand their consciousness. They have found themselves following their soul path but unable to attract a partner who holds the same vibration & consciousness level making it a challenge. This is where the higher vibrational walk in souls are likely to assist & we can expect more coming onto Earth in prep for the 2020 planetary template change.

This past year has given me the tools to assist the women who are called to also break free of the confines of their 8 generations of ancestral trauma that is holding them back from creating the lives their souls are dreaming of.

This is not only a calling for Twin Flames. This is every woman on the planet. Each one of us is affected not only by our own karma as a soul to clear up. We all hold 8 generations of ancestral trauma, patterns, beliefs and imprints which affect every area of our lives.

To step up to the table to acknowledge your readiness. You open up the opportunity to heal & free yourself, your ancestors, your future children and the feminine collective! Literally clearing one timeline & root belief shifts the collective morphic fields and affects 750 people! So your work in yourself truly does help others.

The change is very much within. However if you want to change your family blueprint…it too is an inside job. When you heal yourself your own presence within the family morphic field helps shift their consciousness as well!

This is the true path of healing and rising as the Divine Feminine. Each one of us is connected to a planetary grid. In shifting the lower consciousness & vibrations within & activating the codes of wisdom we hold. We shift and affect all other women across the world through our collective grid & morphic field connection. Which is why it’s so important that we do the inner work.

In line with this transformation I have expanded my offering! Take a look at my site to see the new Twin Flame Online Healing Program. I’ve also launched 2 new coaching programs. One for Soulpreneurs and the other is Womb Healing to assist women in healing the deeper traumas that are holding them back.

As we are also coming to a cross roads as the year ends. I’m aware that the soul gift of the Christmas period is often the friction and discord we are asked to face when we connect with loved ones who would rather we stayed in the box they have created for us. Well it’s not our roles to play anymore. This is the time we shed all these layers & projections of others including family & shine our light as our true selves.

As this can often be a time of epiphany & hitting rock bottom knowing change is needed. I have opened up my calendar from Jan 19 for 121 sessions to assist those needing support through their journey.

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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