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Rise above collective chaos


There is a swirling of energy at the moment which in particular if you are on social media you will be getting locked into strong morphic fields of separation, chaos, despair & attack of the feminine.

This isn’t only related to the regular soap opera of politics.  It’s quite abruptly been rising around climate change.  With the main topic being around Greta Thunberg.

I am seeing a huge amount of shadow projections surfacing with the keyboard warrior trolls actively sharing their venom.

I want to remind you to be conscious about what you are reading as you are energetically engaging in this whilst you do so.  The effect equals lowered vibration & entity attachments.  It’s a quick pathway to self sabotage. Pulling you from your path.

If you take a moment to step away from the chaos.  Clear your energy and drop into your heart.  Tune into what is the underlying message.

Rather than attacking someone for standing up for something that matters to us all- the destruction of our planet.  Regardless of who is behind her or all the conspiracy theories.  Actually she as a soul has stepped up in the fashion she has been able to in order to get peoples attention, shake things up, challenge the veils many are unknowingly wearing & ultimately create change.

She as a soul had that directive and she has manifested that opportunity.  Which is more than most out there are doing.

We as a collective consciousness often don’t believe higher truth & the bigger planetary wisdom as it’s too out there to integrate.  We tend to reject new concepts or only accept if fed to us through fantasy & fiction in films and books.  Those authors and directors were seeded with the knowledge in the understanding that they would share it in a way that would be accepted by the masses rather than rejected.  Look at films like the matrix, avatar, sixth sense or tree of life.  For those who are consciously awake we recognise aspects of those stories in our own experiences now.

So I challenge you to consider that sometimes we need a different way to receive the info.  One that hasn’t come from fiction or a film.  We need someone to get up & literally shake our beliefs to the core.  So we can start making change.

The house has to fall down in order for a new castle to be built.  This means calling out all that is out of alignment.  This will often bring up emotion & sometimes anger.  If you care about something we have to express it.  Which is interesting as i have seen posts about Greta being attacked by men for expressing anger.  Again more collective unconscious patriarchal views coming to the surface.  How dare a woman show anger and emotion whilst in a position of power.  It also brings up a lot of opposition that she is a young, articulate woman with a strong voice who is out there using it.

Can you see it’s not only her message that is stirring the pot it’s also what she stands for…a young woman in power.

Yet if we dig deep inside and reflect back or put ourselves in Greta’ shoes.  Our inner warrior may not be polished for the world media stage (certainly not at 16 years old).  However she would have gotten up there with the right intention & to the best of her ability with the tools she has available.

We can’t judge, berate or beat up anyone for that.  So let’s ask ourselves why this is occurring to this young woman.  In truth she as a woman is up there representing more than climate change.  She is representing woman having a voice in changing the running of our planet.  A position very few have had and this creates an access point for others to follow.


So let’s be mindful & look at the bigger picture.

Things are changing & old systems are being made visible so they can be dismantled.  Rather than getting sucked into chaos & separation.  Hold the space of inner peace & project your visions towards the new changes we need to create.  As that is a far more powerful use of our co- creative power.


Allera xx

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