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Ready for your Abundance Blueprint upgrade


Gorgeous Souls,

I’m excited to share this powerful work with you!

It’s soul led & it was divinely guided that I create this.

Often times we think we have worked on something but then find the same situations, fears, loops & often events keep re-occurring again & again.

My pillars to transformation, elevation & seeing real life changes in rapid time are:

  • Root work first- Energetic architecture (this includes the bio hologram, nervous system & templates of consciousness)
  • Soul work
  • Mindset shift & belief reprogramming
  • New patterns of habit & behaviour to anchor a new way of living
  • Energy hygiene, clear guidance & aligned action from a place of clarity not chaos

This is a process & initiation!

Often I see people just trying to do one of these & this is why they end up feeling stuck constantly working on the same issue.

We also create (manifest) differently when we have a consciousness upgrade into a new dimensional realm.  Why? Each plane has different playgrounds, rules & spiritual laws.

The more we align to the ‘stories’ of how something works.  We remain contained within that field of possibility.  This is part of the game of life.  Can you draw outside the lines?

This is where things get fun!  As the limits are created by us! Our beliefs are only true if we believe then to be.  At the next dimensional level of consciousness they won’t all be true in those fields of possibility (hint you already exist there)!

If you are ready to release the load you are carrying that affects the true clarity & essence of your Abundance Blueprint (minus all the limitations you inherited ancestrally).

To open up to the Abundance of the infinite- this is the consciousness your soul can access when you aren’t holding on to this old operating system!

Then sign up here for free:

I go live for Q&A in The Abundance Blueprint group at 12noon today!

Allera xx

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