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Ready for Frequency Expansion?


Gorgeous Soul,

When we step into living via soul we step out of the perceived predictability

When you play regularly in quantum fields you are part of a greater rubix cube of parts interlinked in sequence

So you are called to embody a deep trust again & again

Your intuitive senses require tuning & honing to feel into the subtle signs, nudges & alerts

It’s knowing that at any one time you are part of something bigger

I have lived this way for many years & whenever I get the alert I take the action

It’s living in a way that I deeply trust the next stepping stone will be revealed always.  My role is to acknowledge it & act on it there & then.  As it’s the dance between spiritual & physical realms.  Many unseen moving parts to reveal the next doorway.

The playing field connects us all.  So if I or others ignore the nudges & choose not to take the doors.  Things must all re-arrange in the sequence.

So if a strong desire dissipates for me I know it’s a sign to release my attachment to it & open for more as there is a dance occurring in the fields to create the next portal to step through.

On Saturday as I drove home from getting my nails done.  I received a nudge to go to Stonehenge the next day, on Samhain.

When I got home I checked online & managed to get the last ticket for the 8am guided inner tour of the stones.

It was only in the car at 5am.  Driving through flooded roads in darkness did I get the clarity of what I was being called to activate whilst there.

On the bus from visitor centre to the stones the tour guide shared the names of a particular person who had added symbols & name to one of the stones.

This connected to the work I’d carried out in Roslin Chapel & places in London, Somerset & Gloucestershire.

I was guided all the way. Step by step.

No monkey mind doubt or chatter.  Just trust & flow.

It was such a powerful day.  A piece of work strongly connecting to purpose & consciousness expansion into Galactic unity!

If you are doubting life, path, intuition & your role currently.  Know that everything is always in motion even when you feel stuck.

Focus on energy clearing for clarity.  Deepen connection with source, soul & guides as relationship is key & this is based on boundaries & trust.  Act on the nudges.

You never know what door you will open!

Ps- Frequency Expansion at 7pm on Sunday!
I’ve been guided to bring through a transmission to assist all in the wave we’re stepping into from November.

Join us here:

Allera x

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