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Rage of the womb


Gorgeous Souls,

I wish to share with you an experience on my journey to unpeel the constructs of restriction, expectation & ultimately disappointment that had kept me locked in separation.

We must understand that we are all far more than stories & monkey mind chatter.

We are an eco system of beings.  Each one has a voice!

Part of resolving the separation illusion is a process of reconnection to ALL of you including your body & organs.  A new lens opens us up to expansive & wholeness.

For those who have been in my Priestess Immersions or worked with me in my 121 shadow deep dive sessions or womb work.

We often discover the inner rage held by the inner organs at being ignored!  Often the level of trapped emotion has also meant they have a hitch hiker energy meddling too.

How do you find out what’s going on?

Well often the body & soul will create illness or ailment to bring your mental attention back to yourself.

It’s not uncommon that fertility issues arise & periods stop or become irregular when we need to step into the next level of healing.  Including the womb but I am going to expand on this.  As this eco system doesn’t work in silo.  We have to go deeper.

In sharing this I hope it inspires you to know that these experiences can be processed deeply to root in an hour or you can compound this state & the inner physical manifestation for literally years if you choose.

I asked for the illusions to wholeness to be revealed.  As these also include manifestations of desires I requested from separation not wholeness.  Meaning those old plans/desires aren’t in alignment now.

Imagine calling in a certain desire such as a life or family that is cemented in an old template.  Aligning to the old paradigm.  A lot of energy goes into that.

Just because you change your mind.  All off your consciousness (mind, body, soul & womb, emotions, organs) may not be on board.

The magic we weave in our body remains till we remove it.  Till then it becomes a block of an unmet desire or need in our field. So, we are creating from a distortion.

I travelled to London recently & have kept on being drawn to stay near Kings Cross.  I found a hotel situated on a powerful energy vortex that surprises me with the mystical experiences I have each time I’m there.  Including waking up bolt up right singing light language!

Not that this is out of my realm of reality but I know the location is a portal allowing access to the unseen!

In the run up to this trip my period was late & I felt a real build up of energy.  No pain but I could track a shell like form around my womb.

I felt blocked. It was only once I arrived in London & started walking around Kings Cross & by Regents Canal that it hit me…Rage!

Powerful rage erupted from my womb.  This simmered to anger & then the true trapped emotion- sadness & disappointment!

As I walked around this area I was taken back to myself 10 years ago.  The struggle, the dreams & unmet desires.  The hopelessness & confusion of that period came back in floods.

I used to be an avid runner & would run up the Regents canal regularly.  It was a moving meditation for me.

It brought me back to around 2010.  When I fully stepped away from groups of friends, the life I had been living including the partying that had been constant since teenage years.
I was stepping into the unknown back then as I committed to a new path.  One where all my spare time was focussed on retraining.  Following an inner desire & passion outside of my Finance career reality.

I let go of the addictions to numbing myself in many ways including exercise & drinking.
It was a rite of passage.  One that I knew I had to step into as the old way just didn’t feel good anymore.

At that time I envisioned that I would do my qualifications, meet a partner & have children by 35. It was at the time like I was already stepping into prep for that life.  It was a new career I would have as I worked part-time. Allowing me to be the kind of mother I desired.

You see I was always following desires but these expire, expand & somethings they are so powerfully entwined with our creative magic that they can strangle us energetically!

As the rage burst through me.  It revealed anger at the life I had wanted not coming to fruition.  This led to the core emotion- sadness.  As tears poured down my face & my body heaved.  I allowed it.

As if to show our interconnectedness to everything.  The skies went from clear blue to dark, grey & treacherous.  A rapid downpour started.  Making me leave my outside spot & head back to the hotel. You see what I am sharing with you is multi layered.

When we are so powerful in our manifestations we can leave soul fragments in places to collect at later times including in this & past lives.  It was a soul fragment I had accessed as I stepped back to this familiar land. A part of me that had held those powerful dreams. Another breadcrumb I left for future healing & learning.

My womb had held this incubated dream like a baby to be birthed.  One that never was.  The soul fragment coming back to my field created an eruption of emotion to flood me.As I sat in my room, I allowed the emotions to move & then I tracked how these torsion fields of the manifested intent were interwoven still.

I  worked with soul & my teams to recalibrate the matrix field of my body, womb & heart.  Releasing the shell construct I had discovered & all the magick I had placed upon myself.

You see we are always creating & sometimes we must go or that we’re creating from the version of ourselves that can’t see a different path for ourselves.  We can’t see that far ahead.

My desires had driven me on a path but it completely went into another dimension asI accessed more of my soul.

Now cleared I can choose to re-create from a different lens.  From wholeness! Minus the limitations I was perceiving 10 years ago.  As those requests & desires weren’t in alignment with truly what my soul is wanting to express.

A reset back to harmony in about 1.5 hours. It’s a moment in time not a sentence to processing shadow soul work.

I’m not here to live by the old templates or live in the old paradigm parameters.  My soul will block me from entering certain boxed ways of being.  I am just more adept at seeing this now & rather than resist I play outside the edges.

Expansion is my default & that can bring growing pains of adjustment.

As I am on my own unique path of discovery! Where I’m co-creating the map now.

💎If you would like to explore how you can expand your reality past the blocks & limits.

Allera & the guides would love to assist you!


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