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Summer solstice – time to reflect & reset


This coming week is set to be a game changer for humanity.  As many shifts ripple across the mass collective consciousness.

Use this time to reflect and reassess.  What is and isn’t working in your life.  It’s time for change & transformation.  Being brutally honest with yourself.

Connecting to your heart and asking does this take me closer to my soul path and purpose or away from it.  Looking deeper into all areas.

For many they have evolved & this can at times leave us out of alignment with others.  The warning signs are there & the knowing drain of energy in their company is a tell tale sign.

It’s time to choose self compassion.  This means taking the most loving action you need in order to keep your energy field uplifted & balanced.  Which may mean finding a new tribe of people to surround yourself with.  Upgrades happen in all areas of our lives but we have to take the steps to clear out the old to make room for the new to enter.

The upcoming summer solstice on Friday marks a new beginning of the second ascension wave & planetary upgrade for Gaia.  It also sees the return of the Emerald Ray to the Earth since the Atlantean epoch.  Showing that humanities vibration has risen enough to support it.  Which highlights the huge undertaking many souls have achieved over the past few years.

With this upgrade which is integrated through the way showers that are opening the star gate portals globally over the solstice. Will also bring a new wave of awakenings.

The ripple effect into the mass conscious mind has accelerated recently.  Which is showing that fear around the metaphysical is transforming into curiosity & an ignition to learn.  An example is how the medical medium will be on an episode of the Kardashians to help heal Kim from psoriasis. Bringing awareness of energy healing to those who aren’t yet awake.

What I seeing is the struggle that many are facing who are on the brink of waking up.  Things won’t manifest like they did in the past.  Fear around money is rising & people are grasping at straws on how to make things work.

Often around that level of consciousness  there may be an awareness of the law of attraction but not much else.  However as the soul becomes activated & wants to expand its journey it will automatically start bringing up blocks, old trauma, limiting beliefs so that you stop and look deeper into what is playing out.  You see, as you raise your vibration it becomes harder to manifest things using the old methods & also to bring in things that are out of alignment with your soul purpose.

You may experience blocks in the dream job you want manifesting or the new house you are trying to buy falls through.  Often these things aren’t in alignment with your true path or are too low vibrational to support the growth your soul is seeking.

The key is that you are being called to do the deeper inner soul work.  To raise your vibration & expand your consciousness to the next dimensional awareness so that it’s integrated & grounded in your day to day. You have to go deep into all the pieces keeping you restricted where you are.  This often means going down lower to then rise higher once you have cleared the blocks.  It’s certainly not all love and light all the way.  This is become a shadow hunter & soul detective.

Not everyone receives the gift of meeting their Twin Flame or a soulmate to catalyse their soul awakening & start this process.  This is the challenge I’m seeing in many of the Facebook groups.  Lots of people locked into the morphic fields of struggle, poverty & all the lower entities that thrive on those energies.

I created this activation as part of the Online Twin Flame Healing Program as an accelerator to assist those using it to access the higher wisdom their soul is yearning for.  To do this we must activate our DNA & start the light body activations.  I include a pre Akashic record & grid clearing to remove the energies that often bring up huge bouts of fear & chaos.  So that this awakening activation is done in a soul aligned way & is grounded rather than overwhelming.

You can download here for free.  Do your part and share this with whoever you feel may need this help.  The more people who become activated the bigger impact on raising humanities consciousness we have.

This will activate your spiritual awakening.  Starting the process of integrating your psychic senses & making you more aware of yourself as an energetic being.

With this power comes the iniiation of becoming a divine sovereign being.  Including gaining control of what can and can’t come into your energy field.  I recommend twice daily energy clearing to help you keep equilibrium.

You can download some energy clearing meditations here:

Sending you blessings on the wonderful journey of soul exploration you are embarking on.

Allera xx

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