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Pure Light 1111 Awakened Child Program


As some of you will know from my earlier posts a lot of change has been occurring for me.  In the form of initiations & the next body of work I’m being called to bring through.

From day one I have known part of my purpose is to help women and the new high vibrational children (and spirit babies) keen to join an adventure on our planet.

At the time I was given snippets on how that would unfold before being taken on a magical mystery tour of healing the deep seated blocks within my body & soul.  After which I would start to have new clients who needed this help be brought to me.  I had to first pave the way within me.  I had to understand the bigger picture, the nuances & most importantly how I could condense & accelerate what I had gone through for my clients.  Giving them the benefit of my expanded toolkit.

A decade ago I trained as a Clinical hypnotherapist & later added hypnobirthing to my skills.  I more recently trained as a doula & was able to access the morphic fields of both medical & holistic practices around birth.  Along with seeing real life the impact of patriarchy & birth trauma within society.  I knew these were pieces of a much larger puzzle which will continue to unravel in the coming months & years.

This was acting as a grounded framework as I delved deep into the energetics and soul side of healing.  This took me through healing soul core wounding (including insecure attachment), birth trauma, and a miscarriage I suffered at 22.

It also led me on a path of womb healing.   Which allowed me to free up my own body & future lineage from 8 generations of ancestral abuse I was holding in my womb & had caused me to be diagnosed with endometriosis at 16 (something I no longer suffer with).

Along with this I was able to see how each woman is collectively hooked into a multitude of grids & networks which energetically restrict & energetically harvest womb energy & our creative life force.  A huge block for the embodiment of the feminine awakening at this time.

I knew that this initiation was being driven not only by my soul as my future children do not want to take on any of these imprints.

I was being guided by a soul group called the Nihal, that many will know as the indigos, crystals & rainbow children.  I was being guided & shown the areas they too do not want to inherit.  They are vibrant, tenacious & purpose focussed souls.  They have a strong desire to get earthbound but there must be an energetic alignment between them and the mothers whose energy fields need to be able to hold a higher frequency of light for 9 months!  This means helping couples and women consciously conceive!

Heal the old baggage affecting not only their vibration & energy field but it can often be these pieces that are manifesting in unexplained miscarriages/infertility.  I am also being called to help connect mothers with the spirit babies so they can form the bond before conception & determine if they are a good fit!  It’s conscious conception so it’s all part of a wider dialogue!

I’m very excited to see this work expand and be birthed through me!

Welcome to the next leg of my soul journey!


Allera xx

Take a look here for more info of what’s in store!

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