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Priestesses- You are your Brand!


Wow! The energies have literally been flooded through me today!

We have a lot of fun in store for us this coming month in The Empowered Priestess Intensive!

I will be going live in the group a day before we officially start with an activation!

This afternoon I have set up the magickal energy architecture and anchored it so each day throughout the group intensive you will be able to access it through a new tool I will be sharing!

This means when you need to be seen, get out there, sell & have impact & influence you can align to these energetic frequencies ANYTIME!!!

I wasn’t expecting to bring this through in this way but followed my soul guidance this afternoon & birthed this powerful tool!

No more ruts, not feeling up to it & low vibe fluctuations as an excuse for showing up!

This is going to be such a powerful, magical way to activate yourself as your own brand on your own magical stage in this soul  adventure we’re on!

If you want to join you can access the link in the comments or Dm me!

So excited to start this!

Allera xx

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