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Podcast with Caroline Gaskin: Hormone & Menopause Expert


Podcast episode 43 is here!

I invited Caroline Gaskin the U.K. leading Homeopath & hormone expert to join me & we went deep into some important conversations around menopause & hormones!

Including how energy clearing & ancestral healing affect these! Lots of great tools for the toolkit shared from skin brushing, homeopathy, flower essences to energy clearing!

She was also a Co-author in the menopause focussed book by Meg Matthews called The New Hot. Taking on menopause with attitude & style. Check out here… https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/111/1117654/the-new-hot/9781785042539.html

To connect with Caroline 

Caroline Gaskin MCPH Homeopath & Holistic Health Coach Organic Superfood Supplier

For Workshops, Webinars & Masterclasses visit http://carolinegaskin.co.uk/workshops/

Find out about my book ‘Bird Is The Word’ Nourish Your Mind, Heal Your Body and Detox From The Digital World https://publishizer.com/bird-is-the-word/

phone: 07939 078 183

email: caroline@carolinegaskin.co.uk

website: https://carolinegaskin.co.uk/

you tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx9vfxPvW3G9JoEwq5u7n1w

linktree: https://linktr.ee/Caroline_g

instagram: the_menopause_homeopath


Allera x

The Modern Day High Priestess www.purelight1111.com

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