Guest Speaker Application - Pure Light 1111

Thank you for your interest in being featured on the Soul Aligned Living podcast 

This podcast is a super high vibe, activating & heart expanding podcast for ambitious spiritual women who desire to have it all in life.  

We believe the only limits are the ones you set for yourselves!  

Through sharing our successes, transformation & journey we can not only inspire women to rise to be their own life architects! We make it the norm for all women!  

Wealth, desire, pleasure, joy & lit up psychic intuitive magic is within us all!  

We often just need to be activated by a soul sister a few steps ahead!  

We cover an expanse of content around creating success in all areas of life, while also focusing on entrepreneurship, healing & personal transformation. All conversation is open & unedited. Episodes can be extremely spiritual, multi-dimensional and energetic focused, or more strategic. The underlying theme is that they add value & inspire empowerment to my sisterhood (the listeners). If you feel you would be a fit for the podcast, feel free to fill out the application below.

Note, although we are an explicit podcast we value sobriety, so subjects promoting any substances will not be considered (including plant medicine).

Once your application has been sent through it will be reviewed & we will respond re next steps.

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