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Podcast Episode: Power doesn’t corrupt it reveals


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

As we watch the world go through many constant changes it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Feeling we’re in a hopeless situation where there doesn’t seem to be a logical or immediate solution.

There’s two things to consider.  Firstly you aren’t seeing the whole picture.  Including the work happening in the unseen realms to help us ‘see’ the previously unseen shadows amongst our leaders & systems.

These shadows have to be faced by mainstream collective before new structures can be created.  It requires a mass tipping point.

I was speaking to a friend recently who shared an analogy she had read.  It described how that as long as some people are comfortable sitting with their sandwich.  They won’t be moved.

I know that isn’t the demographic reading this now.  However there will be many who until they perceive the threat is on their doorstep. They aren’t budging from their comfy seat!

My guides shared that for some they need a repeat of the pantomime a number of times before they will stand up & boo!

Secondly there are a number of people, myself included being asked to intervene with our own special magick.  Abilities to disrupt & unveil what is energetically causing the lies from being seen by the public. The outer real world shifts in the past 3 months have been huge!

Trust there will be more of these but the old house must fall before a new castle can be built!

Remember nothing is ever truly hopeless.  It’s just a phase that hasn’t yet completed or transformed.

So what does this mean for you?

Compassion for self & everyone through this enourmous world evolution!

Recognising that those who are in power are operating through the limits of their fractured selves.  Hence the imbalance & distortion.  Not their true selves.

They are just like you! Yep- if you jump to your defence look into that.

You are just more aware of the inner shadows & have started to remove the broken lenses.  You are starting reclamation so are not operating in such s as fractured way as some.  So you are able to shine out more light than others.

We are all at different stages.  At soul level this is understood.

Those in power now are not the ones who will lead & create a better world in the sense we may have expected.  Instead they are ‘playing’ the contrast.  They show us the shadow so we can decide what we don’t want & take action to change ourselves.  Then BE the change in our time here!

Let’s stop the blame game!

It’s futile & a waste of energy!

You hold the power within you to create the new business models, education systems, health knowledge, community support eco systems that benefit all.

Light leaders & light creators!

We’re here as architects this time round!

Just as I did in the past as a ‘Blueprinter’ for humanity!  I’m back again to re-set the templates, grids & fields of consciousness!

Feel into this!

Why has your soul brought you back here now?

Love & expansion

Allera x

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