Phoenix rises: Want to join me for a potent close out of 2021 today? - Pure Light 1111

Phoenix rises: Want to join me for a potent close out of 2021 today?

Hey Gorgeous soul,

If like many your energy is scattered as 2021 comes to a close.

You find your mind searching, repeating the experiences of the year.  Looking for clues, answers & closure yet finding yourself even more confused.

There is a solution & it’s key to being able to move forwards with all your vital life force in the Now. Not trapped in past timelines & realities.

I’m channeling a potent closure of 2021 clearing & Phoenix activation at 6pm London/GMT time today for my All Rise Conscious Collective; Rebels & Priestesses Community.  I’d love for you to join us.

This activation is all about resetting you & cleaning up the discord from 2021 which will help prevent you projecting this into 2022.  

We will be igniting the potent fire of the Phoenix so you transmute & clear the way for a powerful 2022.  One that you design.

It’s time to set big goals & go all in 100%.

Playing small is part of the matrix limiter programming.  The old paradigm traps. Only you can choose to release yourself & now is the time!

Call in & commit to the most abundant year yet! You can tap into & honour your deepest desires as a message from god, source, soul of your divine inheritance! Time to claim it!

Are you ready to join us?

In addition to exclusive live twice monthly sessions, you also have immediate access to over 30 hours of activations, ceremonies, soul clearings & content.  You also get access to my best-selling I Can Mastermind , members-only access to FB lives, pre-sale access to new programs & offerings, tips and advice on all things spiritual, lifestyle, practical magick & money.  I’m also creating a community hub with a difference- how we all can utilise our skills to give back with impact (even if you aren’t a Soulpreneur or coach the world needs you!) I’m excited to call in an incredible community to rise with.

If you’re ready to activate cosmic upgrades that quantum leap you into your highest soul timeline and access all this for the launch price of £88/a month then join us here!

Love & bright blessings

Allera xx

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