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Perspectives. Every second brings the opportunity of a new start!


Every second brings the opportunity for a fresh beginning! Consider that! You literally have the power to create something new in every moment of your day, week, year!

I see so much misery within Twin Flame groups and it’s as though many are caught in a loop of disempowerment where they have forgotten that as souls they have the power to create lives of happiness and fulfilment regardless of what has happened to date.

You have choice and you have the ability to take action in every moment. It’s part of a divine right as souls that we are here to create, to experience our lives in a way that is congruent to our own inner truth or out of alignment with our true soul selves. Again this is a choice.

Yet for many they have forgotten this. The Twin Flame journey has brought up so much change, turmoil and frustration that they have forgotten that they can change this outer reality whenever they choose. Now to add we can’t influence someone else’s free will. We can call a soul into our lives through manifesting but we can’t force them to stay or fit into our agenda’s. Which is some of the struggle playing out for many. They have become so set on this being THE only person who can fulfil that role in their lives they have actually overlooked their own happiness, boundaries and often values. Can you list your deal breakers in a romantic relationship and are you happy to assert them? For many they have forgotten what is important to their own personal values and integrity for the sake of being swept along with the Twin Flame haze. This is a soul connection but we also live a human existence too. I often see people projecting fantasy onto a person and hoping they have the same understanding as us. Which leaves to confusion, disappointment and crossed boundaries.

We’re learning unconditional love but many are getting confused with the ‘conditions’ of a what this dynamic between the Twin flame pair and others should ‘look’ like in their lives. Unconditional love just is. It’s quite freeing to detach from the drama of what the 3D monkey mind has projected into what love is and just accept that unconditional love is what it says on the tin…without condition.

This doesn’t mean allowing someone to cross boundaries, stay in un happy situations or allow someone to lie, cheat, use or generally abuse you in the name of unconditional love (or because they are your Twin flame). Self love above all else is key. You can hold the energy of unconditional love for someone as a soul but accept that the behaviours of their 3D physical (acting from lower mind self) doesn’t align with your boundaries, personal values or integrity. As they have their own free will and growth plans they may also choose to continue with behaviours that aren’t in alignment with you and that is something we must all be conscious of. Therefore you choose that until there is an alignment not only energetically but also in your personal values/integrity you hold that unconditional love from afar without trying to battle it out in your physical daily life. Accepting that you have no wish for them to change to fit with you but knowing if they do then law of attraction will bring them back into your life if it’s part of your soul path. Surrender it over to the creator and carry on focussing on your joy day by day. Focusing on your own joy in life is the only thing you can really take proactive steps to control through your thoughts, actions and behaviours. Raising your own vibration like this alchemically is often a trigger for the Twin Flame counterpart to shift as well. Though your intention for change should always come from a place of focussing on you not to manipulate a situation as energetic laws are playing out here.

So why not step away from the struggle. Make a choice to make YOU your prime focus, YOUR healing, YOUR happiness, fulfilling YOUR dreams of a family, career, travel and carrying out your life purpose. This is truly how you manifest all the good stuff into your life as you are aligning yourself with your soul through self love, joy and happiness. Taking the pressure off anything external providing that to you and using your souls creative energy to get out and do it for yourself. Think about how magnetic people are when they are truly happy and fulfilled in their lives. When someone is getting out of bed each day and excited about what lays in store as they have created lives around their purpose and passions. It radiates from them. This seems to be the missing link for many. They have moved their goals and happiness towards a person and future relationship situation but have taken the eye off the ball on what they need to do to start living in a place of joy NOW.

If you were told you had a year to live. What changes would you make in your life now to ensure you made the most of that time? I bet a lot of the stuff you while your time away on now would instantly become unimportant.

You would become selective on who you spent that precious time with. Energy draining, negative people and situations would swiftly lose their appeal as you step away from any patterns of believing drama is excitement. You would have gratitude for every day. You would express your feelings to those in your life knowing you have been given the gift of getting a chance to speak your truth before it is too late!

Would you spend hours on social media daily or would you be out working through your bucket list? Would you allow yourself to consume your time, mind and most waking hours obsessing about what your Twin Flame is doing and with whom? Probably not. It would bring a feeling of detachment, peace and freedom. Live and let live. Allow them to just be in whatever messy state they are in from afar. Loving them unconditionally as a soul but accepting the situation for what it is and surrendering attachment to outcomes. The soul is eternal so even if you didn’t cross paths before the end of that year you would bump into them again another time and truly there is no separation anyway so it would be one less thing to worry about! You wouldn’t have the time or energy for any co-dependency in relationships or energetically. You would need to focus on YOU not be a Twin Flame life raft whilst they continued to make whatever mess they chose with their lives. It would bring fresh perspective. Ultimately it would allow you to surrender to the creator. Knowing that the only thing you can control is your own thoughts, behaviours and actions. Being empowered to truly grab life by the hands and make the most of every moment. Making your happiness the top priority.

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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