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Personal Empowerment: Can you pivot your perceptions?


Hey Beautiful Souls,

I want to share something with you.

It’s actually a secret power of mine…my ability to pivot my perceptions.

You might wonder what this means. Especially as pivoting was the buzz word of 2020.

Well we always have a choice in how we respond. To stop before getting carried away in a thought & start creating a story. Which then invokes an emotional response.

Yet none of it needs to affect you like that. This is emotional intelligence.

Knowing that observing something unravel & accepting it & releasing any need to start engaging in it. The blocked flow of energy dissipates. You create space within & for a new path of opportunity to open.

All by catching yourself & pivoting. Choosing a different way to respond to life’s ebbs & flows.

Today I had scheduled to create a new sales page & record a podcast. Yet for the past 24 hours the internet hasn’t been working properly. I tried calling the provider who doesn’t seem to offer support at weekends!

So one path would have been to create a story about it being mercury retrograde. Dark forces blocking my path & incompetent service providers not doing their job. All stories & ones that cast me as the victim. They also create a lot of emotional charge likely to bring up an inner child tantrum or outburst (it’s exhausting even considering that).

Yet it’s all self created. If I had taken the second route it would have entered an addiction to struggle & victimhood.

Instead I just observed. Decided that I’d spend today writing my blog posts & content. The weather was beautiful so I’d enjoy doing it from the sun lounger. End of. No drama. No story. I chose to focus my energy on what I could create today not what I couldn’t.

It’s really so simple. It’s an art of detachment, letting go & knowing all is well always.

The order of things might move from what we had planned but ultimately no one got hurt, everyone is safe, no one died, it’s not an emergency.

So why act that way? Why add the struggle & drama to the mix.

You might even notice you have a well trodden path for this. A good example I see regularly is people turning up late. There is part of them stuck in the loop. It brings up a pattern of drama often from childhood.

What could your life be like if you weren’t operating like this?

Can you give yourself permission to embrace the path of least resistance instead of constantly putting your hand in the fire & blaming it for burning you?

The fire isn’t the root here it’s ourselves.

Everything is us in relation to us.

So we can lovingly say goodbye to our patterns & create new ones that make life simpler.

Now that’s really a step towards self love.

Allera xx

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