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Perception in the midst of change!


Beautiful Souls,

For many it’s a time of change and different start to your Monday’s.

So let’s switch the perception back to empowerment.

How many of you wake up each morning wanting…

? That extra 20mins in bed- you are now blessed with more sleep!

? To not go to the office or workplace as you feel overwhelmed by others energies- now you have time & space to recalibrate & also dig into releasing yourself from processing others energies- hint it’s past life related & often links to shamanism! Check out the Online Twin Flame Healing Program which will transform this for you.

? Wanting to create a morning ritual of tea, meditation & yoga but never got round to it- Start now!

? Wanting to avoid the tube commute- Now you can create a home office & sacred space in one.  Get up & open the windows.  Sage the space to clear then bless it using incense.  Light a candle, set an intention for your day & get comfortable.

? Wanting more time to read, exercise, get out in nature or even make home cooked meals- You can now immerse yourself in self care & reflection.

? Wanting to create a new service, product or program for your business but never carved out the time- Use your commute time to research, get clear & create a plan of action.

See how much new opportunity and potential has opened up for you if you take it now! ❤️

I understand change can stir fear.  Yet the current situation is a sign for all of us to reflect on what needs to change in our lives and businesses.

Things that will be changing & you need to pay attention to:

⚡️ Marketing
⚡️ Facebook approach to what you see/ad strategy impact (this has already changed in the past week)
⚡️ How you communicate
⚡️Clients needs – Does your current offering apply to what clients will want/need in the next 3-6 months?
⚡️Community (online & in person)
⚡️ Impact to small business & event space organisers
⚡️Cashflow management
⚡️Passive income
⚡️Lead generation methods (how do you continue to attract clients)

Business owners now have a window to reflect, reset & adapt.

This means implanting some sacred strategy so you can rise the current waves and still make an impact.

I am attaching free resources to help you on the energy front to regain composure, step away from overwhelm & fear.

Allowing you to embrace the opportunities being gifted to you!

Overwhelm to Empowered 4 Day Energy Upgrade Challenge

Free Daily Energy Clearing Meditations

Time to awaken- Soul Activation

If you are ready to step up in your business & could benefit from a business audit, transforming your money blocks, getting a solid plan in place to take you from where you are into the future place of new way of working (new program/offering , systems in place to support you, visibility action plan so you are seen & can shine) – all in a short period of time.  Along with the deep level energy work to expand your consciousness & earning capacity!

Then book a discovery call & let’s make it happen!

Allera x

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