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Perception can expand your life or trap you


Gorgeous Souls,

So much of my gift is to trigger others!

It’s been both a curse & a blessing in my life

I accept many of the situations I am called into are to activate at a cellular level.  To ignite the next strand of DNA that opens up energy centres for expansion

Differing options, frequencies & taking a neutral point higher perspective can completely shatter someone’s cage of limitation

We’re not on a race although many perceive ascension to be one

We’re not part of the spiritual Olympics.  You’re feet remain on the ground even when you traverse 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D & beyond consciousness

We are on an epic journey of de-programming ourselves

Seeing something different in another & it creating a stirring of remembering or trigger of fear- is a gift to explore

We’re all assisting in removing the layers of man made limitation

All going through a form of exposure therapy when we come across another layer not yet unpeeled & knowing it’s off down the rabbit hole we go so that we rise higher, lighter & more free

Epigenetics is something many aren’t considering. So much of our fears, limitations, echoes of trauma & even aversions are coded by our ancestral lines.  Affecting our ability to activate our own gifts with clarity not fear.

Plus also limiting our expression to freely create.

I have been working deeply with my teams over the past few months on what I call the fractured toolkit.  Where we receive only part of what we needed for full safe expression in the feminine DNA.

So much of our limited perceptions, fear & mis-trust comes from the past & not even our own.  Our mothers, their mothers and beyond.

The restructure & I would consider re-birth of this DNA (some of which is etheric) is an awakening in itself.  It’s the original form.

I am bringing this upgrade through within the next immersion on the 18th Oct.

I will also be channelling what block is manifesting for you in relation to the above.  So you can consciously release it. Let the past go.

If you are ready for expansion- join us here…

Email me for details of payment plans! X


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