Owning your unique vibe is your passport to success...here’s my story! - Pure Light 1111

Owning your unique vibe is your passport to success…here’s my story!


I want to share with you my journey of fully owning my magick & the other-worldly gifts I have!

How I have integrated my background as a VP on the Trading floor of top Investment Banks.  Along with my retraining into the psychology field as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Gestalt therapist!

Overcoming narcissistic abuse, severe neglect PTSD, becoming financially independent & cutting contact with my family aged 18.

Suffering a miscarriage aged 22.  Then later cancelling my wedding, unraveling a 7.5 year relationship aged 28 & turning my life upside down to GET SOUL ALIGNED!

Bringing ALL of me to the table is my magick potion!

The business mind, the top level strategy & my psychic powers are MAGICK!

Many of you are sat on the fence. Hiding your gifts & the wisdom your story holds.

Yet this is what the world needs to hear!

It’s also possible to create a multi 6 figure business (& beyond), online by being Unapologetically You! Xx

Here’s my story…


If you are feeling the call for inspired action…

Come & join us for the next 4 week group Intensive.  The Empowered Priestess- Unapologetically You!
?Starts 4th Jan 21!

Places are already taken on this! So claim your transformation!


Allera xxx

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