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New potent 3 Day Masterclass!


I am excited to share a new powerful gift being brought through in 2022 for women who…

– Find themselves playing small & not wanting to be visible in the work arena as they attract jealousy from other women

– Women who are deeply connected to their creative energy & this frequency has attracted men who perceive them as objects or women see them as competition & a threat

– For women who have it all.  The success, the lifestyle, the money & freedom yet find themselves attracting relationships which bring out a deeply dramatic co-dependent side which over shadows the joy & abundance that is present

– Women who have created success & ticked the boxes.  You are comfortable but you know there is more.  Yet to go to that next level would mean setting stronger boundaries & changing dynamics with your work, community & team.  You fear the judgement & ultimately the rejection this could bring.

– Power triggers you.  Even the word.  You are entangled in a web of experiences where power meant through force, abuse or manipulation.  So you hide from stepping into using your voice, platform or business as a vehicle of change.

– You fear that attack comes with the territory of being seen.  So you shy away from stepping into the highest most expansive version of yourself.

– You are getting confused at the amount of mixed messaging available.  The books, media, the tv, the programs.  You have found yourself comparing yourself & in doing so lost your footing in leading your own empire.

– You feel like…I’ve done this all before.  The lessons feel like loops.  You have been trying to transform but along comes the same scenario, relationship & often painful experience again & again.

You know there’s something missing from visible view as in your heart & soul know you weren’t out here to stay stuck.

Who this isn’t for: ? ✋

– Women who are addicted to playing the role of the victim & love the blame the past game

– Those who haven’t chosen to take responsibility for their lives & happiness

– Those who are addicted to consuming information but take no action to create change in their lives

– Those who haven’t decided that their own health, body, happiness, life & purpose is a core need & holds upmost priority.  This isn’t for those who don’t believe in the value of investing in themselves, their spiritual health, business, growth or expansion.

– Those who aren’t ready to say ‘yes’ to soul & yes to aligning to the highest version of self

– Those who still believe money is evil, not needed or is not available to them.  Those who don’t see the importance of powerful heart led leaders using money to support the building of the new world infra structure to benefit us all.

???I invite you to a powerful 3 day masterclass: The Luminary!

?Expect to receive such potent understanding that just being in this space will create shifts within you!

We start Sunday 30th Jan at 6pm (London/GMT)- no replays!  Make the time to catch this live!

Allera xx

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