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New podcast with The Galactic Council of Money


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

Wouldn’t it be helpful to gain a higher perspective on Money.

Not in a biblical or religious sense.

One that takes a look at energetically what is happening & how that translates into 3D & how this is evolving.

So you get an understanding of your own part, unlearning & re-alignment.

You see there is a new guardian of money.  Like a changing of the guard.

This is an ally & helps us co-create with soul & source from a place of wholeness.

This is the key…a set point of wholeness.

It requires us to disentangle our separation constructs from the old paradigm to then reset the lens of operating into wholeness.  Which accessed the limitless potential.

Money in the old sense has experienced much projection, overlays, untruths & even sorcery.  Which has kept this ally & divine resource out of your hands.

As many of you know I hold a unique position in that I worked on Sales & Trading floors of Global Investment banks for 20 years.  So have an in-depth understanding of the old blueprint (which again is not what the media has portrayed)!

Money is such a taboo & charged subject which creates a distortion.  It can also mean push pull. Leaving you not fully resourced.

It’s part of my purpose to assist women in anchoring in the new money lineage of wealth. It’s accessed & amplified through soul expression!

Luminary leaders are supported in being the new paradigm creators!

Money is the ally of co-creation which is a different way of living.

The Galactic Council of Money will be working through me to provide a series of 6 powerful activations to assimilate you on all levels to this higher perspective viewpoint.

Which means a dismantlement & re-learning around money.  It will be a new relationship formation with the new Money deva.

This is part of the Money, Soul & Magick immersion I will be sharing very soon!

For those wishing to start soon- reply to this mail!

Check out the podcast channelling where they share about positioning.  Where do you put or hold yourself in your view of money/success & society?

This is where you will also cap yourself too!

Love & Expansion

Allera x

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