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New life rule number 1: The sky is the limit! Aim big!


Monday morning goal setting in the skies!

How you start your day has a knock on effect on the rest of your day.  The same goes for how you start your week.  Are you sat waiting for life to happen to you?  Expecting that you will have your dream life magically appear on your lap without any action or effort?  Do you believe that manifesting just involves hours of ‘requesting and meditation’ but none of the real steps in your day to day life to take action on the guidance to bring your desires into physical reality?  If any of this resonates, I would allow yourself to ask …How is this serving you?  How is this approach working for you?  Are you seeing the results?  Still sat in the same job, same house, with same friends and same struggles?   The big question here is what are you afraid of?  What fears are you holding onto that is holding you back from living the life you want?

Those who are working through the Twin Flame Healing program are guided through setting new strong foundations for life.  Not just to get them through what for them will be a short period of ascension waves.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This doesn’t have to be a lifetime subscription to pain, limitation, constant turmoil and suffering.  Though if that’s the path you take there’s no judgement.  You will be learning all the same.  I just knew that path wasn’t for me and it’s also not the path my clients choose for themselves either.  They know there’s another way and that’s why they have chosen this program so they can bypass the drama, let go of what no longer serves them and jump to the good stuff…the part where they strip away what is blocking them and get creating day to day how they want their life to be.  This means getting straight on their goals and desires and asking for what they want from the universe.  Clearing the fears, limiting beliefs and energetic blocks getting in the way.  Then taking DAILY action, bite size steps towards what they desire.  The universe will support them with opportunities, ideas, new people and whatever is needed when they take the action!

By the time you have ridden the waves of ascension and really done the deep healing needed you won’t be in alignment with your old life and way of being.  If you are still sat doing the same things then you will be getting huge warning red flags of constant negativity, unhappiness, lack of joy, frustration and this may even be manifesting as dis-ease within your body.  It’s calling you to make the changes in your daily life to align you with your true inner self and new raised vibration.

Throughout the Twin Flame Healing program you will be guided from initial awakening to creating the life you desire and carrying out your souls life path.  As you shed the old layers of self you replace the old with new ways of being.  New refined positive beliefs, strong foundations of self care, boundaries, letting go of the old story of unworthiness and lack.  Stepping into your power and knowing and owning your own Divinity.  Embracing your co-creator force within to get out in life and make the changes needed to bring the elevated joy and fulfilment into your daily experience.  This takes self love, self-determination, self belief and a whole lot of trust in your soul path and knowing that the creator is there for you every step of the way!

This path is a constant evolution of self.  This is the same for me constantly.  As the Twin Flame Healing Program was one divinely guided project.  I am now working on another.  In order to align to that I too make the changes needed to bring through the inspiration needed and make the space to birth the new project.  I know I am more creative in an environment that is positive, uplifting, where I feel supported and have my needs met.  For me, I love to take time out in the mornings to write and allow my downloads to come through in great surroundings whilst served delicious and nourishing food.  It sets my day up for success.  My day by default always starts and ends with gratitude practices and energy clearing.  I wipe the slate clean so I can fully align and get focussed on my day, my goals, my purpose and bringing as much joy into each moment.  I make the changes needed and the next guided step appears and things flow more easily.

How does your daily routine help or hinder your goals?

Within the Twin Flame Healing Program I set out how you too can create your own daily strong foundations routine for success.

If you are ready to step away from the old routine and want to jump a few timelines through the ascension healing journey.  Then take a look at The Twin Flame healing Program here…

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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