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New dawn, new chapter, new assignment

Hey Gorgeous Soul,

It has been a beautiful spacious week since I came offline.

Immersing myself in birthday reflection & celebration over the Equinox.

Feeling the palpable shift in energies & the fruits of the new assignment that started early 2022.

I am seeing so many shifts.  Including the questioning of the segregated and separate spiritual communities losing their grip as organised religions & pyramid scheme teachings come into awareness (including in healing communities/coaching/organised religion).  Many of the communities are likened to cults perhaps not the original intention but when power, money, trauma & vulnerability comes into the mix.  So does an element of risk around following another belief system that is formed on shaky substance.

Judgement has been rife amongst all of the spiritual communities I have engaged in over the years  A dichotomy given many in these circles and communities believe they are in someway elevated and more advanced than those with different life choices and beliefs.  Yet this is another root of separation consciousness.  One that also stunts our own growth if we don’t see it as the shadow knocking at the door for us to alchemise.

Money is an areas I have in depth experience of in both my career, working in the epicenter of the markets during every crash, recession, war & fall for over 20 years.  It gave me a deep insight that isn’t garnered from the outside world.  One which I am here to assist with shifting and upgrading through my work. As the foundations of the old money system are upgraded to a new deva.  A triad between soul & source.  To activate soul wealth.  Very different paradigm.

When we judge something it is often because we don’t understand that.  I seen constantly between different industries I traverse.  I also experienced a lot of judgement myself for being in Finance, re training in the psychotherapy field, for activating and being open about my healing abilities and even just for being a woman in a mans world.

My role on many levels is to bridge many industries and break down the judgement by allowing people to see I do not fit in any box and provide a new access point to integrating their soul & the awareness that brings.

To add this is very much underway & those within the money system & those with sizable wealth are part of the blue printer teams changing things from the inside. From regulation, tax campaigning,climate initiatives to the big piece which is philanthropy. Not just those outside of it doing their money story healing.  It’s a much wider consciousness shift.

Note that not everyone will be choosing to join spiritual communities to step into soul purpose & complete their healing work.  Not everyone came in with the same dense lineage pieces to break the chains.  Not everyone is here to be a healer or coach.  They are needed to be the activators of change in their 9-5 and current industries.

In the high wealth families money is an activator for awakening through succession planning..  It is bringing up the generational unresolved trauma to be seen.  As money reflects a relationship we hold with it, the way it was created and what that has meant for the family.  It is charged and many pandora’s boxes are being opened.  So in those areas of society wellness/therapy and added support is being brought in to change things.

Just because there has been money in a family doesn’t mean it didn’t come with strings attached, power and control dynamics & unmet needs.  Gifts instead of love.  All the same wounds the rest of humanity is facing in pone way or another.

Which is why I come back to judgement.  This is a key piece.  Can you see and hold both yours and anothers perspective without judgement?  Can you hold neutral compassionate regard (key features of any heard centered modality or therapy but it takes shadow work to recognize your own stuff blocking it).

The big piece is a move to living our lives and expressing our soul purpose from the ‘we’ consciousness.  Not the ‘I’ consciousness.

To do that is the transformation through the Diamond Evolution.  The wake up stage of recognizing our multi dimensional connection and creating new strong foundations where we were not gifted them through life.  This stage is where we are exploring and accessing so much and trying to relate it back to ourselves.  This is a vast identity shift.

The grow up stage.  This is where we refine the brilliance of the diamond light we hold.  It is the deep alchemy stage on all levels.  It is the choice to elevate past the heaviness, karmic load & overlays ~& illusion we have been holding therefore blinded by.  It is also the energetic re calibration to move from ‘I’ consciousness into ‘We’ consciousness.

The ‘show up’  stage is where you are living as the Luminary Leader.  Your choices aren’t focused on the micro (small perspective of self/family/immediate life) it’s about the macro (‘we’ consciousness).  How the impact you create on the stage of life can have the greatest impact for collective consciousness evolution.  It’s the humanity lens.  Much bigger vision, actions & change.  It is also stepping into the path of fullest self expression & growth as it will stretch you to your highest potential. This is where you release the stuff you have been doing which became a mold.  To pioneer your unique soul expression at a gift, art and for greater good.

This year has been a clear succession of meeting, connecting with & working with those energetically preparing themselves to step into Luminary leadership.

It is what we came here for & requires us to merge with the soul as defining inner leader.  It lets go of the linear again and again.

Which allows for the miracles to appear.

Where are you on your own Diamond evolution?  What are you committing to at this precious time on our planet?  How can you expand on that for bigger impact and greater good for humanity?

Allera x

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