My Story - Pure Light 1111

My Story

Our soul will try its best to get our attention when we’re off path.

Sending warnings and even helpers and truth speakers who channel the message you need to hear.

Often we’re scared to face the truth that we’re not as happy as we’ve been kidding ourselves that we are.

So we ignore all the warnings.  Scared we will have to change.

One thing to remember is nothing is static. Everything is in movement.  Nothing stays the same truly.  Knowledge is power and your soul is the gatekeeper to the infinite wisdom you need to truly live a prosperous, loving, fulfilled life that allows you to be your true self!  You just have to let it in to start helping you.

About 10 years ago I was woken at 3am and was shown in crystal clear clarity not only my current situation (a relationship with a man I was about to marry), my future life with him and the deep inner pain of loneliness I felt.  My soul literally woke me up with a huge warning.  WAKE UP, were the loud words I heard in my head as I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding so hard i thought it would explode out of my chest!

My soul was desperately trying to save me.  It ultimately helped me dodge a bullet.  To marry that man…a man I now know to be a karmic soulmate would have been the soul death of me!  I would have chose an Instagram life of 7 exotic holidays a year, a handsome man, great home and social life which on the outside looked ‘perfect’.  In reality it was far from it.  

We had both started out in alignment, young and in love, supporting each other and equals whilst flourishing in corporate Finance careers, traveling the world and exploring together.  Creating a home and stability together. Doing all the things society ‘expects’ you to do. It’s not that those things are wrong or don’t make us happy but it’s just unless you are doing it with conscious awareness of WHY you’re doing it and with whom.  Then it’s easy to get lost going through the motions.

I believe we all have a divine right as co creators of our own lives to live an abundant life in whatever form fulfils us.  However, I knew that for me the great lifestyle meant nothing to me when I was sharing it with someone I wasn’t in alignment with.  I just couldn’t do it.

Pressures of a city job in Finance and the routine client lunches meant he had made a pact with a new lover- alcohol!  He was a functional alcoholic.

Where there is addiction involved in any relationship there is distance, avoidance and detachment from true intimacy, he lost himself and in me staying and marrying him…I would have lost myself too!  It was a cost too high to pay.

So in a 10 month period, I had gone from the engagement in New York, booking the wedding in Mauritius, buying my Marchessa dress & Louboutin shoes and being ready to say ‘’I do’’ in a matter of months.

To waking up and knowing that if I go through with this I am making a huge mistake regardless of how many people I let down.  I chose in that moment that I cared and loved myself more than remaining in that relationship any longer.

In 3 weeks from that awakening of being honest with myself, allowing myself to hear and connect with my soul truth.  I had to do the only thing I knew had to happen.  I literally unravelled my whole relationship, home life, social life, connections with my future in laws who had been closer to me for 7.5 years than my own family.  All the things I had built no longer resonated with my soul truth and I had to take action.

I didn’t know what lay ahead.  I just knew I had to move forwards.  You see the soul has a way of pulling us back on course through drastic measures.

The path took me on a journey inwards with the help of a therapist and led to me retraining as a therapist myself.  Then later training in multiple energy healing modalities as I sought to heal at root the blocks & patterns affecting me. A huge shift from my career in Investment banking!

I delved into my pain, my own codependency, my childhood abuse and wounding.  I made a pact with myself that if I could help others going through a similar situation one day then it would have helped serve a purpose.  I was 28 at the time and I have had many rebirths since then.

Attachment wounding, addictions, loss, relationships and abuse are now the key areas I work with helping others heal.  These traumas ripple into our relationships, businesses and affect our whole view of the world.

Many coming to me are about to go through their own spiritual awakening and I guide them through the life transformations that ensue.  A gift I wouldn’t have to offer if I hadn’t faced my own demons.

The next leg of my journey came when I met my Twin Flame and I was thrown into healing my soul & all the past lives beginning to make themselves known!  This is the part that mainstream clinical therapy doesn’t heal or address.  In each layer of self I peeled back another gift and healing ability was revealed.

In healing my own PTSD by going to the root energetically it has given me a gift to assist others in breaking free from traumatic experiences.

I also went through the initiation of the spiritual midwife.  Stepping into my power to connect to the spirit realms for healing and transition.  It was through this process I was called to heal myself & the soul I had miscarried age 22.

Through this deep healing process within myself I was guided that I have a role in assisting others in the pre conception and birthing of the new high vibration souls that are wanting to be born onto this planet at this time. I am a clear channel and healer. I am not only able to communicate with the soul babies wanting to be born. They are also making it known about the specific support from the families they choose on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, nutritionally and educationally. They aren’t sitting and waiting for the parents to un pick the puzzle. They are in many cases are acting as guides to assist in the pre-conception cleansing required! Which is why many of you are guided to FIND me! Nothing is truly a coincidence!

For every step I took deeper into my own healing, it is another leap in how far I can take my clients on their own healing paths.  It was all part of preparing me for carrying out my life purpose.

I wrote the Pure Light 1111 Twin Flame Healing Program to
assist others going through the awakening journey.

My next initiation was to translate my intuitive healing gifts with my clinical training and the business knowledge I’d gained through 20 year working as a VP in the Finance Industry! It was my public ‘outing’ from the spiritual cupboard into shining the light of who I truly am and not giving a sh*t what people thought about that!

I was guided that I had to publicly launch my business on the 24th August, the day my Divine Timing window opened.  From then on things moved fast. Within the first 3 months I had achieved the first of many £10k coaching revenue months! By 6 months from launch I was fully advanced booked by clients till the following year!  Those early days were busy, I had my initiations and lessons but I learnt to trust deeper into my intuition and always act on it.

I would regularly be called by spirit to channel into the Twin Flame collective.  Sometimes being woken in the middle of the night with downloads.  I started posting regular blogs to get the healing messages out to the souls that needed it.  I created free energy clearing kits which helped over 3000 people in just 8 months!

I knew this was about reaching as many people as possible by creating a soul aligned business that translates the energetic wisdom In a grounded way so everyone can benefit!  Taking the fear out of the unknown and giving people a tool kit to navigate their own soul journeys.

My role as a coach is firstly to hold space but also to empower you to step more fully into your own power.  Helping you face the deepest layers of your shadow to free you of the chains of the past that hold you back!  So you can get out there and create amazing, abundant lives and businesses that bring blessings to you and everyone they reach. 

I write this to offer a glimpse at how quickly our lives can change when we listen to our soul calling and take action.  We can move mountains if we choose.  

If your soul has brought you to me, there will be a reason…

Are you ready to step into the next level of your soul adventure? To create the life your soul is dreaming of?


I know exactly what it takes to transform your life from the inside out. Bringing healing and integration to mind, body and soul along the way.

If you are ready for a highly intuitive, grounded, kind, powerful & visionary coach & healer. Who will believe in you & help you navigate the path to reaching your goals.

Then our paths have crossed for a purpose.