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My soul desire was freedom


My soul called me to choose more for myself

A deep inner knowing away from the rat race & routine of everyone around me

So I started to explore

To break free from the should’s of society & what family, friends or work colleagues chose to follow

It meant years of shedding unhealthy relationships, patterns & setting higher values & standards for myself as I embodied more of my soul truth

It meant choosing my own health, life & worth over deep physical & emotional abuse within a dysfunctional family unit that had sought to take all their pain out on me

I knew their abuse was about them not me

To stay & accept it would have made me complicit as an abuser myself.  As I would have ignored all self worth & value within myself

So I shed family at 18, cancelled my wedding & ended a 7.5 year relationship age 28 & re-directed the ship

Including leaving a career in Finance that although abundant & brought so much wealth of experience, travel & understanding of the money system

It wasn’t my purpose to be putting my creative energies into someone else’s agenda & whittling away my precious time on this planet doing it

Shedding many layers that had aligned me to create a version of self still running on limitation & lack of self love

Yet each time I chose more for myself the initial change was turbulent but also expansive as the dust settled

In the past few years my soul calling has been more freedom

?Freedom to rest when I choose

?Freedom to travel when I choose

?Freedom to work anywhere beautiful with wifi

?Freedom to be my own boss & answer to no one

?Freedom to be unapologetically myself & get paid for it

?Freedom to have quality time for friends & relationships

?Freedom to explore sacred land & carry out magickal work when I’m called to

?Freedom to explore places during the week at the drop of a hat without worrying about how many days holiday I have left or if there’s enough people to cover me

?Freedom to grow as fast as I choose & to set my own pay packet & bonus!

?Freedom to have space to unpeel a deep transformational layer, integrate & for it to be easy as there’s space for my needs to be met not rushing it into a busy schedule

?Freedom to enjoy living my life as I choose.  Going for lunches & visiting new places regularly & gaining inspiration from nature, beauty & my environment

?Freedom to integrate new soul aspects & make the practical life changes in a grounded way

I have achieved all of these & now I am re- writing the script

A new twist in the tale

The world is as big, loving, abundant & expansive as you allow it to be in your lens of perspective!

So just how much abundance can we allow

ourselves to experience? So much that it trickles into the world around you & everyone gets a taste?

Today I was guided to work from Avebury stone circles (largest in the world)

A powerful surge of guidance flowed as I wrote my plans for the coming months

Clarity around this next leg of consciousness acceleration & that the masses will not be needing to look backwards in order to create more joyful, healthy life experiences – if they choose

Reclamation of personal power will come in many guises & at different paces

I have been guided to open another 6 week immersion of Soul Architect Series- Made for more

We’re only in week 1 & so far the shifts are huge.  As are the things manifested…free tractor for a farm, free air pods, secured the purchase of a new home! New business launch & a website launch also in the pipe line too.  All of which will be expanded!

If you want to join us for the next immersion reply to this mail & I will be in contact

Allera xx



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